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Is there a list showing who has sung to the Queen (of England)

Asked by actuallery (607points) August 29th, 2010

I think that Lady GAGA is to perform “before” the Queen (and that doesn’t mean that the Queen is going to sing next ..haha) and Susan Boyle is expected to do so, also, but who else has sung to Her since She became the Queen? Would the Royal site have a list?

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I can’t find a list, but according to the official program for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, The LITANY was sung as the Dean and Prebendaries and the choir of Westminster proceed from the Altar to the west door of the Church. That, I suppose, was the first. Lady Gaga and Susan Boyle couldn’t hold a candle to that, I’m betting.

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@Austinlad – AHA! I hadn’t thought about the program listing, that’s a good idea. The only problem now, is I suppose I’ll have to contact Buckingham Palace for the records.

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Here is a list of acts from the annual Royal Variety Performances, many of which Queen Elizabeth II has attended.

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