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Just who are your neighbors and are you friends or is it the typical "hi" and "bye"that you exchange daily?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20843points) August 29th, 2010

The old lady, the lonely old man, the elderly couple, a young family, a weird spinster or bachelor, a gorgeous blonde, a hunk? Just who lives next door to you. Do you hate each other’s guts or are you like family?

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I like and get along fine with my neighbors.I wouldn’t call them “family”,but we watch out for each other and get together on occasion :)

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George and Cindy are wonderful and fun to hang with….Lucifer and She-Bitch on the other side of me are plain vile, bitter, spiteful bigots…what they have said and done over the last 7 years qualifies them for the most vile, bitter and spiteful bigots I or you have ever met.

I can’t wait to move!!

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we only have one neighbor next door: a woman in her sixties and her brother in his late fifties. I’ve never met them after seven mos.
Maybe they hate our dogs. He has some kind of mental illness and their house is for sale.

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My neighbors talk to my mom like she’s their therapist. They will go up to her and tell her about their drinking habits, their kids and how frustrated they are… they don’t even care. There’s also two elderly people across the street that act like their in high school. They have these stories about all of the other neighbors that that just need to share. Overall, the neighbors do have some ‘friend’ attributes, more so a quick exchange of one syllable words.

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You’ve got me wondering which one describes me: the weird spinster, hot blonde, old lady? Makes me wonder what perceptions my neighbors have of me.

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My neighbors are fine.They don’t speak english on the left side. I have nice Haitian family on my left, I mean we are not close friends but we say hi. I have baked some cookies for the Haitian family.

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@chyna without knowing but relying on feeling, you my dear are the hot blonde!!!!!

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My neighbors and I regularly help each other with farm work. We’ve helped them out several times in bad years, as they mostly have no income source other than farming. We’re a solid community and watch out for one another.

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Now that we are living in an apartment, people come and go. I only hi and by to the people in my building, but we know some of the other people in the complex—people that we swim with.

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We just moved in to a new house this month so it hasn’t been very long but we have a great relationship so far and I very much like that. There are three different apartments in the house and one neighbor is a grad student so she’s never around and the other is my age and she loves baking as well so we have started a little system. Whenever I bake, I give her some and whenever she bakes she brings some over. It’s excellent. And she’s the nicest person ever!

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All my neighbors on the floor in my building are quite old, except for the lady across the hall who took over her dad’s apartment when he died last year. She’s middle-aged. We greet each other in passing. She seems very jittery. The other neighbors I don’t talk to so much as I greet their caretakers in passing.

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I don’t have any problems with any of my neighbors. I say hi, bye, and have general conversations with all of my neighbors. My son has a friend that lives a few doors down and I have became pretty good friends with his parents. Our kids are always playing together. Across the street from me is a women whose husband is deployed with my husband (they’re even in the same company), so we tend to check in on each other pretty regularly. I’ve lived here for about 6 months now, so I’m still getting to know everyone.

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Here’s the thing with my neighbors: families don’t tend to stick around here long. We are more likely to be neighbors with a For Sale sign longer than people. It’s a little ridiculous, but I don’t think people can afford to live here in this economy. We’ve only stuck around because my dad is good with money and knows how to stretch his budget.

Currently, I have no idea who is next door to my left. The people to the right, play their music too loud. One house across the street is for sale. The other house is rented to a family I’ve known most of my life. They used to fight a lot but seem to be on better terms now (at least, I cannot hear them yelling.)

There’s a family down the street I have known since I was a kid. I smile and wave to them, but that’s about it. My dad is good friends with the father (now grandfather) of the house though.

I know the animals here better than the people. There are some really sweet cats in our complex.

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@muppetish People don’t stay here long either, but that’s part of being in the military for us. We won’t even be here long (we moved in 6 months ago and will be moving out within a year). I’ve had several neighbors leave and and new ones come in the 6 months I’ve been here. It’s a shame that so many people seem to be struggling in your area.

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We don’t know any of our neighbours and don’t greet either (in fact, we don’t even cross paths with any of them in all the 9 months we’ve been living here). We do have one annoying stupid neighbour though, who we’ve never spoken to, but there has been an incident and we’ve concluded that he’s a social retard. (both of us are erecting barriers along the wall dividing our properties so that we don’t have to see each other).

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To our left, an elderly couple who brought over cookies our first Christmas here. Very pleasant, but we’ve not taken the time to get to know them. To our right, a guy in his mid-thirties, an engineer, pleasant, waves hi, occasionally chats with my husband if they’re both in the same area of our yards at the same time. Across the street – all trees! No trouble there. Behind us, more trees, but there’s a neighbor on the other side of them. Don’t know who they are or anything about them.

This is quite different to how I grew up. We all knew each other, the kids (mostly) played together, the grown-ups would help each other out if needed. I babysat for a couple of the families. Best thing ever? Everyone gave out great Halloween candy!

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We have the same immediate neighbors since we moved in 16 years ago. The very religious family across the street that erected an 8ft wooden cross in their front yard just after 9/11. Very sweet family, just too churchy for me.

The blue collar family to our left are the nicest people you could meet. She always gives our kids goodies and he always helps my husband with anything he needs.

Then there is dear old Elmer. He’s in his 80s now. He and Pat raised their children in that house. Pat was the smoker, bowler and golfer. Elmer is the Mrs. Kravitz of the neighborhood. He annoyed me at first, but he will be the one I miss most when we move.

I must say we’ve been pretty lucky with our neighbors, besides a few a**holes in the other houses.

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We get on with our neighbours well, but we only see them every week or two. They are good people, and are happy to watch our place when we are away (and we do the same for them), but we all run on different schedules.

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my neighbour gave me a hug (and proper hug) the other day because I was open about feeling down about how much I have to study and mother and don’t have a life of my own…we’ve got together for coffee and wine 3 times since I moved in which was 4 years I really appreciated it…particularly when my most of the time my own family don’t even do this

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I have the best neighbors in the world and we love each other. I feel they are family.

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We have the Russians on our left and the Chinese on our right – I can’t stand the former and the latter are scared of us – pretty normal for around here.

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Our neighbors have changed over the 20 years we have been here. Some of the homes are rentals, some were owned by the original purchasers (40 years ago) and others by relative new comers like us. We have seen new buyers and new renters come in. Only the house on either side of us has the same families that were there when we bought in. On the left side, the grandparents do not speak English, but the boys who grew up with my son communicate with us, we are not ‘friends’.

On the right side, we started out very friendly, I baby sat the youngest two and watched the oldest two grow up, the daughter was the same age as my son. Then the whole relationship took a turn for the worse when there was a divorce, and the younger children went with their father. We hired the older girls to take care of our dog, but they allowed their boyfriends to come in an rob us. That ended our relationship completely.

When my son was in the Navy, he contacted the girl next door and she said “Why do you keep calling me? I am not your friend?”. This was before Sonny knew her boyfriend has robbed us.

We rarely see them, but always wave and say “Hi”. Tthere is no friendship there.

P.S. They feed several cats that they have ‘adopted’ but the cats are infested with fleas and not properly cared for. I hate when the cats come in my yard and infest my dog.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – Isn’t that something? We live in the same borough, and our neighborhood experiences couldn’t be any more different.

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@aprilsimnel Well, you know Brooklyn isn’t homogenous, it’s more diverse than anywhere else.

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Oh, I know, it’s just that it’s… amazing! Where I come from, the homogeneity goes on for thousands of miles on all sides, but in Brooklyn, you can go 6 blocks in almost any direction and it’s like being in a different country.

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