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Questions on Shanghai world expo.

Asked by vamtire (251points) August 29th, 2010

I am living on the equator where it is always either sunny or rainy but I am going to Shanghai World Expo 4 days later I want to ask what weather it is there to know what kind of clothes to bring.I also want to know tips about Shanghai world expo on which pavilion to visit since I heard it takes a long time to finish queuing for 1 pavilion.If you have went there,please give some advices!~

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I only went to China’s pavilion (I was only in the expo for one day, and one day is not enough) and I thought it wasn’t as impressive as most people said it was. From what I heard, the best pavilions were UK, France, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Israel, Italy, and most (if not all) the Scandinavian countries. However, they take a really long time just to wait on line for them.
The American pavilion is a joke. I honestly have no idea why people would want to go there.
As for the weather, it was humid and hot when I was there (it was in the beginning of July), so I think the weather should be less overbearing, but I’d still check this out

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The American pavilion was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long, long time,
but then… I’m not American.

I blagged my way into the American pavilion VIP, by befriending the guard and telling him I once installed some lighting in a GE warehouse in England (one of their sponsors). He let in my two companions too.

We got into the UK pavilion (which is pretty cool) by flashing our passports and explaining to the guard that our friend (who was American) should also be allowed in VIP, because we are great allies.

We then failed to get into the German pavilion, because the guard was totally unimpressed with my german abilities, but then we went to the Poland pavilion and got in with the line “England, Poland, we’re good friends, right?”

The Dutch woman was uncompromising, but we managed to visit all the other European pavilions, because the guards for the VIP entry were Chinese and just blinked at our passports and waved us through. Same for Australia (do Australia, it is a total mindfuck).
Denmark has a huge spiral ramp that you can cycle down, but we didnt get to do it, because we got there too late. The Czech pavilion has good beer in a separate little bar)

So we didnt do any queuing whatsoever, which is good, because if we hadn’t blagged our way in to all of them ,we’d have spent 90% of the time queuing, which just wouldn’t be worth it.

I was there about 3 weeks ago and the weather was hot, but not awfully so. 35degC was standard 1pm temp. Much cooler by 5pm.

btw, Shanghai is a mega-city. Unimaginably huge and busy. Especially, now, with the Expo… be sure to go up the “bottle-opener” tower, incredible views…

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Go to the official website and find the visitor information. You will find the answer to your question.

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