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Does your food have a pecking order?

Asked by muppetish (14211points) August 29th, 2010

There are four coloured candies on my plate (yellow, red, green, and orange.) They are in that order for a reason: I put them there. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve eaten food in a particular order. Sometimes this is based on flavour (as is the case with the candies I currently have.) Other times, there’s a numbers issue (I like even numbers: two red M&Ms, then two green M&Ms, then two yellow M&Ms…), sometimes it’s based on what portion looks like it tastes better (like saving that particularly engorged filled-pastry for last.)

There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s, but there are some odd habits we can form to go about eating our food.

How do you eat your food? Do you assess the plate and enter the meal with a battle plan? Are you an organizer or do you dive right in? Does it depend on what you’re eating?

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Nah, but usually if I eat something salty, I’m going to eat something sweet and vice versa.

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I don’t organize my food like you’ve described. I am fanatical about examining my food, though. I know this is terribly rude, so I try to curb the habit in public or when eating with other people… but if I’m completely honest with myself I never stop doing it. I am just better about being subtle.

I have this HUGE phobia of putting something disgusting in my mouth, like a bug or something spoiled. So.. I examine.

I know a girl that has always eaten her sandwiches in a circle. In other words, she rotates it as she is biting, so that it becomes a circular shape. :)

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The red ones always taste the best. They’re last. ;-)

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I always go from least to most favorite

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Not really. I do eat one thing at a time – for example, first the mashed potatoes, then the steak, then the pasta. But I don’t have any preset order to what I’ll eat first. I take into consideration temperature, if something will dry out if I don’t eat it right away. Then it’s normally what I find second to most appetizing, then all the other stuff, and then the most enticing for last. It’s entirely possible that the reason I eat them separately is because I’m just too lazy/not paying attention to mix it up.

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I don’t really have a set way that I eat. There are times where I will eat all of one item before touching the rest of my food, but I usually eat a few bites of one thing then a few bites of another. It just depends on the mood I’m in when I am eating.

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Whatever looks good, that’s what I shovel in next. I do prefer salad first and dessert last, but I’ve been known to rearrange even that order on occasion.

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During dinner I tend to switch back and forth from the meat to whatever else I’m eating. One bite of meat one bite of the other food. When I have salad I eat that last.

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I’m a sectional eater. If I have a plate in front of me with vegetables, potatoes, and steak I will eat the vegetables first, then the steak and then the potatoes. I usually go in order of what I like least first to what I like most last. And that means finishing one before starting the other.

It’s only if I make a conscious effort will I eat some of this and then some of that. And, except for a couple of exceptions, I will never mix food together.

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That’s one of the few Aspie characteristics I don’t have. Some foods I just won’t eat, anything else I just shovel into my mouth any which way.

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<—-Clean Plate Club member here. People who don’t like the their food to touch, or won’t eat soups or casseroles are a puzzlement to me. Each to their own, but I do find it odd.

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Nope, it all goes in one way and comes out the other in random order!

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I tend to just shovel everything in my mouth.

For instance, at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or whatever, I’ll pick up a bit of stuffing, some mashed potatoes, a bit of turkey, and some cranberry sauce all on one forkload, stuff it in my mouth, and follow it with a bite of bread and a swig of punch or something.

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Yeah, damn those pesky chickens.It’s my bloody dinner now pluck off & leave me in peace!! :¬)

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I do not have an eating order.
Or disorder for that matter.

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I don’t have special way to eat or in order. My daughter on the other hand can’t stabd her food touching. If her potatoes touch her grean beans .She would eat either.

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I divvy up my M&M’s and eat first the brown, then the red, then yellow, then green, then orange then blue. Sometimes I put blue and orange together, sometimes red and yellow, green and yellow or green and red. I never mix brown with anything.
I also eat the crust on my sandwiches first and I try to leave the little notch in the side for last.

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If I am eating small things by hand, I must either eat only one or eat them in multiples of four. That means if you offer me more than one, I must have at least four. Grapes are really the biggest I have to do this. There are different rules for olives and small balls of cheese. There are also different rules for candies that come in small packages. I don’t have to divide up the m&m’s in a fun-sized pack but I do in a regular sized pack. I also try to eat all parts of my meal equally. If I eat a little of the mashed potatoes, then I must eat a little of the broccoli and the bean before I go back to potatoes. I don’t always do this, but I find I enjoy my meal more if I do. :)

Mostly I accomplish this by doing what @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard does. I just put a little bit of everything on the fork and shove the whole thing in my mouth. Yum!

Oh, I also have a rule about mixing foods. If they taste good separately, they’ll taste good together as long as there is no chemical reaction. Yes, that means I will totally eat a bite of cheesecake with a bit of scrambled egg or spaghetti.

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Yes my food has a pecking order or rather an order in which I eat all things. I start by eating my fill of the protein part then move onto a bit of carbs and then finish up by eating as much vegies or fruit as interests me. I’ll eat a salad last to help digestion.

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I am always starving so I just want to get it in there! I have to tell myself to slow down. I do like a bit of everything in each mouthful though.

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If its a meal I will eat a bits of everything as I go along, but I always make sure to save at least one good bite of whatever was best. I want to end my meal on that bite and savor the hell out of it.

If its candy like the example, I usually separate them all out by color then I will eat some from each till I have an even number of each color. Then I will eat at random picking colors, but always keeping an even number of each. When I am finally at 1 left of each color I will close my eyes and pick one at a time and eat it. I try to see which color survives till the end.

Yea….. im fuckin weird lol

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I do almost exactly the same as @uberbatman with candy, except I don’t finish by choosing with my eyes closed. Once I’m down to an equal number of each colour, I eat them in spectrum order, starting with red and eating one at a time of each colour, keeping the numbers as even as possible.

With a meal on a plate there’s no pecking order, I keep it fairly even.

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When it comes to sweets, i also leave the best flavours for last, so i’ll usually eat the yellows and oranges first because i generally like them the least. Then i’ll taste test each other flavour and work out which one i’ll leave for last.
As for dinner foods, i’ll leave the best tasting stuff for last, unless it’s something like a fillet steak (when i used to eat meat back in the day) – that’s best eaten immediately and not left till the end when it’s gone cold and the fat has become solidy.
When i eat dinner i also most of the time eat groups of foods separately, eg if there are peas, broccoli and rice, i’ll eat the peas and when they’re done i’ll eat the broccoli and when that’s done the rice. Sometimes i’m in the mood to eat bits of each and alternate, but i usually don’t do that. But i NEVER mix foods and eat it all together, because i love to savour the individual taste of each food item. Mixing them is just an abomination most of the time (there are a couple of exceptions).
When it comes to chocolate bars, i’ll usually eat the chocolate coating first and then each layer of the filling one by one (i’ll leave the tastiest layer for last). I don’t always do this, but about 90% of the time.

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If definitely depends on what I am eating. If it is dinner, then I eat a little of all. I know someone who eats all of her food by type. So if she has mashed taters, beans and chicken she will eat the beans up first (likes the least) then the chicken and once those are all gone will eat the taters since she likes it best.

If I am eating candy like m&ms, I will simply toss back a handful at a time to heck with the colors. BUT, if I am eating Skittles, I will eat by color because the flavors are different. So I start with the flavor I like least (purple) and work my way through until I get to me favorite skittle flavor (green).

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My boyfriend has an odd way of eating some foods. When eating certain sweet flavors, he declares that they don’t go with certain colors regardless of flavor. Apparently, chocolate doesn’t go at all with blue but goes well with red and really well with yellow. He always says this with a really big smile but refuses to eat chocolate ice cream with any blue toppings or any other blue ice cream.

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@KatawaGrey: Good for your bf, Blue food is just all wrong unless blueberries!

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I don’t eat anything dyed blue either. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

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@Neizvestnaya even blueberries aren’t really blue, they’re purple. I don’t think there is any food that is naturally a true blue.

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@downtide Thank you. I’ve been saying that for years but people keep telling me I’m wrong.

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bilberries are blue…

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I always eat what I think I will like best last. I eat things I don’t like at all first to get it over with.

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