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Purging old programs -- How can I tell if a Utility like AI Suite is used?

Asked by ETpro (34552points) August 29th, 2010

I’m clearing some space on my hard drive and see that I have AI Suite installed on a Win XP SP3 Machine with ASUS Motherboard. I see it was last used (or just installed) the day I built up the machine back in 2008. AFAIK, nobody has ever set up the processor for overclocking.

How can I tell if I can safely delete it and other programs like it? How do I check to make certain they are not used?

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It can be safely deleted. According to most forums (like this), it doesn’t do much anyway.

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@bob_ Thanks. Sees to run fine without it. I never set up overclcking for fear of overheating.

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