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What does a suitable wardrobe for a 28 year old man consist of?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10196points) August 29th, 2010

I recently changed my level of health for the better. As a result none of my clothes fit me. Furthermore, I am where I will be in dimensions until such time when I am no longer the strict guardian of my health that I have become. I do not foresee such a change, as my eating habits are now so ingrained that to stray seems like sticking my arm into a wood chipper.

This has happened before. The last time I stepped up my health I lost weight. I remained within the same dimensions for at least 8 years. I expect the same from this epoch.

How should I appoint myself?

Sky’s the limit.

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Hey whatever you feel comfortable in. If it suits your style then it’s all good. A good mix of casual & formal & you can’t go far wrong. Nothing like dressing smart every so often & casual, well it’s all in the comfort. Not very specific i’m afraid but broad brush strokes nevertheless.

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Get some suits, some jeans and khakis with brown and black dress shoes, button up shirts and sweaters for winter and a peacoat as well.

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This covers the basics. Or so I’m told.
Every day is repost day.

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The best thing to do is to style a wardrobe that suits your life and career. It also depends on your budget. You can find good and versatile pieces at department stores like Macy’s. They have a Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis and Guess section. In general, their male section has pieces that work well for work (assuming you wok in an office or anywhere that requires more formal attire) and leisure. Anyway other great places for male clothing are JCPenny and the Gap.

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I think a perfectly fitting suit is a man version of the LBD. Beyond that, definitely depends on your preferences and lifestyle.

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a watch!! please, all of you men should own a decent watch (one that isn’t plastic and/or digital)

and good for you :)

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Really? A watch? In this day and age of cell phones and PDAs and portable PCs? For exercise, yes, as jewelry, no no no!

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i think a watch is a sign of caring what time it is, and shows how you present yourself as a person. i think it shows maturity. idk!

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First I need to know what you require for your job, since the majority of your clothing is for work. Suit? Tie? More casual?

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Good list but a little scant on some simple comfort and athletics. I’d add some sweatpants, a hoody, some good running sneakers and stonewashed jeans that feel just right. And also a nice leather jacket.

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A decent watch is key.

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My job is very casual. A suit would be inappropriate. Even dress casual would look funny.

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@Fyrius That’s pretty stylish!

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Since you are open to building a wardrobe, I’d get in touch with a major, good department store and talk to them about a personal shopper or stylist. I know for women, (my assumption is you’re a man. . . . maybe it was the wood chipper reference) stores will have these, free of charge. They can assist you in getting a few good basics to continue to build around. I think, in the long run, you will probably spend less and have better quality, because they will show you how you can mix and match to take a few pieces and make a large number of outfits. They can show you how to make an outfit that is good for day casual or for a date, yet not be formal. They can show you how to build onto the wardrobe so you can stay current and look good. They can also help you with putting the appropriate shoes together with your clothing. Not everyone needs an actual suit. They can show you how a good sports jacket can look sharp with jeans, or slacks, when you have a function to attend. And a coat! Guys look terrible not having a weather appropriate coat. I am impressed that you asked this question and take your age into consideration. It shows maturity and you are of an age where a mature wardrobe is appropriate. Women are impressed by it. We get real tired of meeting men that have not grown up in this department, and having to help them through a makeover! Good for you!!!

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@lilikoi I always wear a watch (nice smart black analogue one with a leather strap). Even with a phone in my pocket I feel naked without a watch.

I’m a decade or so older than you, @Ltryptophan and my wardrobe tends towards casual because I don’t need to wear business dress at work. I don’t actually own a suit (because I never go anywhere I would need to wear one, and it seems an un-necessary expense for something that will spend all its life hanging in the wardrobe until I throw it out because it doesn’t fit), but I do own a selection of dress pants and shirts as well as jeans and more casual shirts. I rarely wear t-shirts except as an undershirt. I don’t go THAT casual.

Your wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle and match the kind of places you go. What the dresscode for work is, where you go for entertainment etc.

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Minimum 2 pairs of jeans. One with a brownish stitch and the wash is blue but fades to a brownish color and one that stays more with shades of indigo and the stitch is blue or white or something in that family. You could add in a pair of black jeans if you wear black often. If you have the store Buckle where you live that is a good store for trendy jeans , I still like Guess for men also. If you like a more basic or traditional jean then Calvin Klein or even Gap or Levi’s.

One pair each of the following color trousers, khaki, navy, taupe/grey, and army green if you wear green, a lot of American men don’t.

If you tend to be more conservative buy 2 polo style shirts, 2 long sleeve woven shirts and 2 short sleeve wovens, and two t-shirts. If you live in a northern climate add 2 sweaters and 2 turtle necks. The turtle neck can be worn alone, with the sweaters or under a woven ling-sleeve shirt. If you are less conservative you may just ditch the polo style shirts.

3 new pairs of shoes. Brown, black, and a half boot for the coming winter in the color that makes most sense with the majority of your wardrobe.

I see some people mentioned a watch. A new watch is nice, but the rest of your look is more important in my opinion.

The personal shopper someone suggested above is a good idea. But if you enjoy the shopping part of shopping you may want to not do it. Personal shoppers usually pull a lot of garments for you so it is all ready for you to try on. If you want to be able to shop the store, talk to the personal shopper before your appointment and ask them how they usually work. If they walk the department with you, or if they have everything ready in a dressing room when you arrive.

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Thanks for all your weighty replies.

I like Banana Republic.

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