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What is the economic goal of the Humane Society?

Asked by iWitch (593points) August 29th, 2010

I regularly volunteer at the Humane Society, but for Economics I have to turn in a paper describing my volunteer work. One of the questions is, “What economic goal is being achieved or addressed by this service? (most fulfill equity or efficiency.)” I don’t understand what either of those things mean in economics and I have no idea what to say. Definitions of the two applied to my situation would be very much appreciated.

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you can talk about how the humane society mitigates “the tragedy of the commons”, externalities, etc

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Have you considered asking your instructor?

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The economic goal being achieved by your volunteer service is they are getting free labor.

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Well, it’s a non-profit organization. They run off of donations, but do they have any other sources of income other than local donations? What do they do with the money? How does an increase or decrease in donations affect what the humane society does? If there was no humane society, who would do what they do and how would they do it?

As a non-profit, their operating statements should be available to the public.

This may help. Look at the right hand nav bar.

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I think the economic goal of the Humane Society is to provide loving homes for stray and unwanted animals. Therefore taking away the strain of feeding and housing them which puts more strain on our economy.
(You can quote me if you like)

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What type of humane society is it? What is it’s proper name and what are their stated goals list in their 501.c3 paperwork. That is all public record. The should have advertising of some kind and it will be on or in that too.
Does “What economic goal is being achieved or addressed by this service?” mean your service to them or their service to the community?
In a paper it would be nice to address both issues.

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