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Is there a top quality replacement for the OEM inkjet cartridges for the Canon PIXMA MP640 printer?

Asked by Joe_Freeman (504points) August 29th, 2010

The cost of ink for my Canon PIXMA MP640 printer is very high and I do a lot of printing. I’d like to find less expensive cartridges that are as good as the Canon ones, but I am not interested in refilling my own ink tanks. Do I have any options?

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Using generic brand names will reduce the life of the printer, you might find that you will have to replace the printer within a year if you do not use Printer Brand cartridges. Perhaps it might be better to print in “draft” mode for general information that is not shared by others, otherwise, get a cheaper printer that doesn’t have so many options.

I’ve got a combo HP printer/scanner and a secondary HP printer. The second printer is an early model and the cost of the cartridge is half that of the combo model. I use the scan mode for photos and documents then select the secondary printer, to print.

The combo model still needs the cartridges inserted to operate but they don’t need to be full.

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