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Would u check your boyfriends or girlfriends cellphone?

Asked by mcode187 (11points) March 25th, 2008 from iPhone
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Not under normal circumstances. Maybe if I thought they were cheating. And I would probably bail if I couldn’t trust them.

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No way. Privacy and trust are VERY important in a relationship. If you don’t have those then your relationship isn’t going to get very far.

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nope, not my phone, why would i need to go in it, unless someone called, but not a txt or anything

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Nope, never. I couldn’t live like that. It’s too crazy making. I’d rather risk injury than live on my guard.

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NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT! If I don’t trust him, he shouldn’t be my boyfriend. I respect his as he should respect mine.

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Even if I do Fluther at odd hours of the night!

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I would if I had good reason to.

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I was completely suspicious of my last boyfriend and checked his phone regularly. Turns out he was cheating on me after being together for 4 years and hid his tracks really well. :(

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@ brendan: the same thing happened to me. We also dated four years. But now I found out he has a baby on the way with the girl he cheated with me on. Haha sux for both of them!

To answer the question, I would and have checked cell phone before. If I had it to do over, I would not have. Even though he was the one cheating, I’m still left to feel like the insecure g/f that crossed his personal space. He’s still wrong but I just wish I got him to admit it on his own.

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I’m sorry you had to go through that brendan.

I used to (with my boyfriend of 3 years) and realized it really gets you into way more drama and arguement. So dont, unless you really really feel like something is going on.

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maybe you should start opening their mail,
start tailing their car, and steal their SSN to check their FICO score.

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I don’t think you should check your girl/boyfriend’s phone, unless you are really suspicious about them. I have seen many couples get into arguments because of this. Someone checks the other person’s phone, and misinterprets what’s in there. Then it blows out of proportion, the best thing to do is just trust the person you’re in a relationship with.

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Nope. If I can’t trust him to the level that I don’t have to check, I wouldn’t be dating him. A man I can’t trust is not a quality man.

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That would be creepy. I do not think its wrong to ask ‘hey, who are you messaging’ but don’t wait til they are away to spy. Confront your fears head on.

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I would. Hehehe. I am nosy :)

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the opposite could be said though. If your bf\gf got really defensive about you glancing at their txts the other might think that they are trying to hide something and not as an issue of trust.

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they may not be trying to hide something but to someone else it may seem like it. Just a thought

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I would if he/she acts like they are hiding something!

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