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Windows MP3 alarm clock?

Asked by jaytkay (25787points) August 29th, 2010

Hello all, I would like to use my laptop as an alarm clock, waking me with whatever music I choose.


Bonus points for playing random selections from a particular folder.

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Search for Windows “gadgets”—I’m sure there’s at least one that will do what you want.

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Of course you can do what you want, but isn’t it a bit a waste to keep your laptop On all night in order to give you an alarm signal in the morning?
Maybe (if you have one, that is) you can get the same result with your cell phone, maybe there are apps for that even.

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@rebbel isn’t it a bit a waste to keep your laptop On all night?

Yes, but only a small bit. Windows Task Scheduler will wake a computer from sleep, so more bonus points for using that option.

Maybe you can get the same result with your cell phone

Hmmm. Maybe. Excellent suggestion, I will look at the phone.

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Ah, yes, the Sleep/Hibernate function (on Vista anyway).
Good call.
And good idea about the randomness of the wake-you-uppers, by the way!

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@rebbel @jaytkay some pc bios settings allow for the computer to turn itself on a particular time. I know Dell PCs allow this.

@jaytkay I use iTunes companion, it’s a yahoo widget and has this functionality. Might not fit the bill though because you have to have iTunes and yahoo widget installed for it to work.

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