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We just saw at the park a young girl who was very disabled--no control of her limbs, blind, etc. The mother said she had been sprayed with poison gas. Where did this happen?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) August 29th, 2010

What country has been sprayed with poison gas in the last seven or so years, and what country has been doing the spraying?

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They spray poison gas all the time in America.

Roundup, Mosquito poisons, pesticides, fertilizers…you name it.

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The Halabja ‘incident’ is a quite infamous one, although it is longer ago then seven years.
They still happen, last weekend there, apparently, was one in Afghanistan, directed at girls schools. article
I don’t know of one that happened around seven years ago.

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So this is something that must have happened about seven or so years ago? What did she say exactly? She said her daughter was disabled because she was sprayed with poison gas? That’s all she said? Was there anything else that made you think that it was an “poison gas” attack that one country inflicted on another? I don’t know of any incident where chemical weapons have been used by one country against another country any time in the past 7 years or so, but that certainly doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

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Interestingly, we didn’t ask the mother, but my grand daughter (4 years old) went over to her on her own and must have asked what was wrong. My grand daughter came back with this report—she told us it was poison gas. We didn’t go over to talk with the woman to elaborate. I was hoping it wasn’t our country that did this to her daughter.

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O.K. Well, that may be part of the problem. In all honesty, and I mean no disrespect, even the brightest 4 year old in the world may not be the most reliable source of information when it come to this kind of thing, or all sorts of things. At this point, unless you encounter the mother and her daughter again and find some way to get additional, accurate information, you will probably never know exactly what happened.

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@lillycoyote: She found out only about the poison gas, she wasn’t interrogating the woman about where or how—and we didn’t send her over to learn anything. She was just playing in the park, and wandered over to talk to them. So, we probably won’t ever know. Although the mother and her daughter probably live close by, and they might return and we could talk about it. To tell the truth, I was concerned that she might say Americans had done this, and I wouldn’t know what to say.

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@skfinkel No, I know your granddaughter wasn’t interrogating her or sent over to learn anything, I was just kind of saying that information obtained from a 4 year old should perhaps be taken with maybe a grain of salt, she is only 4 years old after all, 4 year olds don’t always completely understand what’s being said to them and then can’t always necessarily repeat what was said to them accurately. They’re only 4 years old, after all. Anyway, it’s very sad. I have a cousin who has been severely disabled since birth and it is just very sad.

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