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Anyone here seen,the new askville and what do you think of it?

Asked by Squeeky (149points) August 29th, 2010

They changed the format of that site a week or so ago and lately it just isn’t the same,wondering what any of you think?

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I looked at it briefly when I claimed my Amazon gift card in exchange for my silly gold coins. The change was so drastic, I was really surprised, but had no desire to start participating again. It looked chaotic and confusing.

The reason I left Askville wasn’t so much the design of the site, but lack of moderation or consistent enforcement of policy. They can change the look of the site all they want, but it’s the users who make it what it is. I know there are still some great people there, but all the drama and annoyance wasn’t worth it for me.

I like Fluther much better and am so used to it that Askville would probably annoy me more than ever. But I sure was happy about that Amazon gift certificate!

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This sounds like exactly what happened to Answerbag. they changed the format and the people took off for Fluther.

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Well you know my answer. Sad , really sad.
I love it here, Squeeky . People here are nice.

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They really took away the social aspect of Askville and that is why it isn’t so much fun anymore. I can navigate around askville, but I keep asking myself why? What is the point???

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They did what they wanted to do – make the site specifically Q&A, not a place for sociability. The purpose of askville is to drive business to amazon, and they didn’t do that with the original design. Personally, I don’t like the new design because sometimes I want to comment on someone else’s answer. The new design doesn’t allow for that.

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I am limping by on it, but I really don’t like it. You can’t follow conversations. People are trying to use the forums, but there is already a group there, and they are very different from the discussion board folk.

I don’t like that people can mark you “unhelpful” because there are people going around marking me and a number of other people down just because they have a bone to pick. My last straw happened the other day when I saw a way that you can really abuse the system there. Someone asked a question that was pretty much little more than troll bait (it came directly from a political talk show that people have strong opinions about it.) A poster called them on it—and the asker called the poster a BITCH right on the site.

Because the way the new system is set up, the asker gets no penalty at all for doing this. But the friends of the asker could all mark down the person who was called a bitch. I know that this person is no saint, but I don’t like a system where anyone can ask any flame bait question and then insult and mark down people who disagree with no negative consequences for themselves. I’ve seen this snarkiness on both sides of the political aisle—I just noticed this once because I was surprised by the language and it really swung home what the new AV is going to be like.

I will post a little bit so that the few people I know who are on the site and won’t come here may want to know my pregnancy updates, but after I deliver, I think I’ll be totally done with he site.

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I’m sure you already know my opinion of the new Askville, Squeeky. They took the fun out of it. Now I only go there to see what some of my friends are up to. Not with my effort any more.

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I WONDERED where you went, BratLady. And here you are.

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It’s just not fun there anymore. I still go on every now and then but it’s not the same.

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Hail, hail, the gang’s all gettin here!

I need to go change the avatar thing.

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