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If your dad was cheating on your mom would u let her know?

Asked by mcode187 (11points) March 25th, 2008 from iPhone
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If I was positive? In a heartbeat!

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i’d blackmail my pops.

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Yes, you would have to be absolutely sure. You should also be extremely careful how you tell her. This is the kind of thing that’s broken up many a family (I know first-hand).

Perhaps you should approach your father about it. Letting him know that you know he is cheating and (presumably) don’t approve might get him to talk directly to your mother. It would likely be better for her to find out from him than you.

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You know, I take back what I said. I like paulc’s answer better!

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I think paulc nailed this one. And good luck, that is some rough shit to go through.

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I caught my dad on the phone with another woman but I didn’t say anything. I waited until my mom caught the woman in my dad’s car out on the town one day to tell her what I saw and heard. The result was not pretty… my dad accused me and my mom of ganging up on him. There were many explosive fights after that. I don’t remember much else, I was young and traumatized. My parents are still together, but I think it’s for their children. My mom guilt trips him once in a while and that makes it really uncomfortable for me and my siblings.

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This happened to a very close friend of mine and I might as well have lived with him, I was over there more than my house. The daughters caught him on the phone like jz did and they confronted him about it as soon as they picked up the phone and heard, then told their mother when she got home

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Yes of course. You might love you dad and not want to tell on him or you might not want to break your mom’s heart. But you would be doin the right thing if you told her! She needs to know because it would only hurt her more to know that you knew and didn’t tell her. She wouldnt be mad or hurt by you but she would be grateful that you were there for her, even though it might have been hard!

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But you would also have to be 110% sure that he was first!

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