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Do you think your dreams mean something? And if someone in your dreams (whom is not you) says an idea, is it their idea, or is it your idea?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (792points) August 29th, 2010 from iPhone

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Your dreams = your thoughts plus imagination and sub-conscious = your ideas.

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@zen_ yep, unless of course, the ideas of others have a profound impact on your own ideas.

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They probably mean something, it’s just hard to say exactly what. I think the “meaning” of dreams is unique to the individual who dreams them. And if someone in your dreams says an idea maybe it is your idea, maybe it isn’t. Maybe sometimes it it, sometimes it isn’t. Maybe everything in every dream means what it means only in that dream, and may mean something else in some other dream you have. No one really knows.

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I think they “mean” something in that they are expressions of the subconscious. I don’t believe they predict the future or tell you any additional information that isn’t already in your mind (though they may reveal buried information). If someone comes up with an idea in your dream, it’s your idea (because dreams are contained entirely within your mind) unless it’s a revelation of something told to you earlier by someone else.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Of course, by that interpretation, what idea is truly your own—even when developed consciously? Whose mind has been unaffected by the ideas of others?

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@ Everyone: Well here is an example of what I am trying to say. One of my dreams had a women discussing with me an idea she had about a television show. Now I have never thought of creating my own television show, nor have I gone into specifics about it…but this women threw characters and themes she would have in the show at me…Is this some telepathic connection i could be having with someone or is this a persona or something my mind created?

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Interesting enough. Last night I dreamed I brutally murdered ALOT of people, bagged them up and sent them all to different places. Granted I did watch American Psycho & it’s sequel last night…but does that mean I was just playing my own little movie in my head? or did the movie set off some subconcious urge? ... only time will tell.

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@Evelyn_475 I don’t much believe in telepathy, so I’m going to say no, it’s not a telepathic connection. My dreams tend to speak to me in metaphor. No one can effectively interpret your dreams for you because only you have all the details, but I bet there’s something in there—figurative or literal—that you have been thinking about lately.

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I love my dreams…..and tryin to interpret them. Since you have the imaginative to dream, they are your ideas.

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I think they just mean whatever your brain is processing from recent experience. And if someone in your dream says an idea, that idea is yours not theirs. It’s your brain that came up with it. On the other hand if the idea in the dream came about because of something that person really said to you beforehand (even if you don’t consciously remember it), you could argue that it was at least partly their idea.

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They definitely mean something i think. Especially the more repetitive dreams. And when someone else in your dream has an idea, it’s your idea actually. It must be. They can’t come into your dream and give you ideas….not usually anyway. :) I think some of them are premonitions too (i think i had one).

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There have been many threads on this subject, and I’ll say what I always do—and believe. Dreams, as @zen says so concisely and well, are your thoughts and imagination bubbling up form your sub-conscious. I’ll add that I believe every character in your dreams is YOU, or at least in great part YOU simply wearing other people’s faces. And believing that, I think all ideas in dreams are yours no matter from who they seem to come.

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