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I need some help with "tactical" or defense knives?

Asked by shniernan (981points) August 30th, 2010

I do not NEED this knife per say, but I would very much like something that I can learn to defend myself with as an added precaution late at night. Also, I think knives are very cool… But anyways, the knife should not be visible, as I will be going places with it, and am not allowed to walk around with a 7 inch blade out. Hahaha, so yeah. The rough guidelines are as follows:

1: Needs to be able to be used in combat fluently or easily, and/or be so fiercely awesome that it frightens the opponent away.

2: Needs to be concealable, up the sleeve, in a glove, something!

3: I would prefer it look really unique and different, not just some knife.

4: Around 50$.... negotiable.

Please tell me if i missed anything and as a last thought, I’m just adding this in, does anyone know anything about trench spikes? They are a subject of great interest to me, and any/all information on good ones and bad ones and recommendations on them would be greatly appreciated. (Also, this would be the ultimate weapon for me, but am I the only one that thinks that a trench spike, with a retractable blade, would be the sickest thing ever? Like brass knuckles with a spike that pops out!!)

Anyways thanks for any/all feedback!

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Turns out they do make retractable trench spikes….

Any advice on good/bad ones anyone?

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some great killing weapons for people to defend themselves from more powerful aggressors here
some under $50 too.
Just my 2c but I suggest an education is a better protection, try

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The over-zealous mod deleted some good advice, which is sad because you’re heading for trouble by planning on concealing a knife and looking for a fight.

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If you’re concerned for your safety, I would recommend unarmed combat training instead of a knife.
Keep in mind that an inexpensive piece of edged metal is, for most intents and purposes, going to be just as edgy as an expensive one.
Most public places aren’t terribly keen on letting you have concealed weapons about your person.

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Uh yeah…..what’s with the moderation frenzy?

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I don’t know you nor do I know your intentions with this knife. All I can say is you don’t want to kill someone even out of self defense. Try learning karate or something. Learn non lethal ways to take someone down but not out.

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You might skip the knife idea altogether and go with a bayonet. A lot of ‘em can double as knives, and some – like the Finnish bayonet for the M-91 don’t even look like knives, but can be lethal all the same.
When wielded by hand, the M-91 bayonet can also function as a club, since the only sharp bit is at the end. For kinder, friendlier assault-repulsion, and you can make the case that it’s not a knife!

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Hrm I definitely was not expecting this reaction from fluther…. But still I’ll try to make things clear.

This is 90% for show. I just want a cool knife really. It would serve more useful to my situation that I presume I might get myself into, if it was combat-ready, and could show the person I knew what I was doing.

I DO NOT WANT TO KILL ANYONE. Even a robber. Seriously, this is mostly to say that I have a sick knife. And yes, everyone, if I was even half as concerned about someone robbing me, I would learn martial arts, no doubt.

@Nullo – about five seconds ago, dude… those look a lot liike trench spikes…. O.o

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So with all that said, back to probably the other biggest part of this question, does anyone know anything about retractable trench spikes? Like which are good, cool, sturdy?

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@shniernan So do knives. They’re not trench spikes unless they have the thing on the grip.
I was specifically referring to these.

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@Nullo – I’m confused, how big are those? Thats like walking around with a sword, no? Plus… I mean… What’s the point of having a bayonet with no gun? Self-defense? With a bayonet?

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Mine is about as long as my forearm, but they made shorter ones, and as you have seen, some very knife-like ones.
The bayonet was developed to be used when the more ballistic functions of the weapon were neutralized
The tip on the linked bayonet is sharp, but the edges are not; it would be more like a club, good for when you don’t feel like being lethal. You can hold it fairly comfortably near the zigzaggy bit towards the bottom or, if you are metallurgically inclined, you can hack off part from the bottom and make a grip for the rest.

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@Nullo – I am taking into consideration any/all ideas posted here, so do not be at all offended when I ask your actual intentions of a bayonet. You would like me to carry around a bayonet the size of my forearm as a club to defend myself rather than a knife to scare people off? What am I missing here? As I said earlier, I want a knife A: Because I’ve always wanted a cool looking knife and B: Because I would like to carry one around for the very improbable chance that I might be mugged so I can scare them away.

Mostly for A. Please explain more….

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@shniernan They do make smaller ones. :\ Heck, the bayonet for the AK-47 and clones are only about 6” long.
I think that a bayonet would be a pretty neat sort of knife to have. The swordier the better, even.
I might break down and just buy a gladius one of these days, and wear it on my belt.

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@Nullo – You are one odd fellow… But I can’t completely write the idea off…. It’s just…. A 6” bayonet is the same as me holding a drill attachment as a weapon. Which I have carried one around before. O.o I’m just sayin… Anyways back to trench spikes…. :D anyone? Or way back to the original question.

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Ka-bar’s knives are perennial favorites of the armed forces.

Maybe get a kukri, if you have a hankering for exotic cutlery.

Odd? Sir, you don’t know the half of it.
They make all sorts of bayonets. The AK bayonet looks like a paring knife, but can be fitted to most Kalashnikovs and knockoffs.

I really think that you’d enjoy making your own knife. There are a number of ways, but most involve a file and a grinder, and one, notably, has you building a forge out of household materials.

I do not think that you’ll be wanting anything other than a fixed-blade knife for self-defense; the fewer moving parts that it has, the less likely it will be to break when you need it.

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@Nullo – You, sir, are frustrating! I must now clarify again that this is 90% for show. I would only like to get it, and learn how to use it. I WILL NOT BE ENGAGING ANOTHER IN COMBAT WITH THIS OBJECT. However, the Kukri’s look very nice, and I will definitely take them into consideration.

If I were to get something that was “The swordier the better, even.” I would probably full on buy a sword.

That is not the situation though, I am looking for a… I’m not good at explaining. Jeez… hahah. Ummm trench spikes and unique knives. That is the only thing I’m looking at. But thank you for all of your help, as you definitely have helped a lot.

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@shniernan Then perhaps you might be interested in the category of sharp things frequently referred to as “fantasy knives.” They are very showy, but are not intended for extensive use.

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@Nullo – but i am afraid that is then put into a category of “poser.” It is 90% for show. O.o There’s still 10% there. I cant have it so that i dont ever use it. I will use it to cut various things, and practice on dummies and such, but i will not stab somebody.

However they do look cool :D

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@shniernan Uberti makes a lovely boot knife. Muted elegance.
Boker makes this.

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@Nullo – Your first link is invalid. I went to Uberti though, I could only see a 200$ boot knife. Sorry, no thanks.

The second one however… O.O That is very cool. However, I do not know much about it. Such as: Price, which should be loosely 50$, how it folds, it does fold right?, and where I can get it.

However it does look very nice. I will add it to my top five so far… (not in order from favorite to least favorite)






and your’s Nullo:

Thoughts on these? I couldn’t find any good folding ones beside the synthesis…

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@shniernan They seem to average about $35. Different sites have different prices. Ebay is auctioning one, last bid that I saw was about $9.
It folds.

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That knife will fall apart inside of a month. The only way it will last is if you use it strictly 100% for show, and if you baby it. If you do that it might last a year.
Cheap freakin knock-off knives.

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@daytonamisticrip I have some hopes for it; my local Cabelas – a fairly reputable bunch – sells Bokers, though not that one. I just bought one (Amazon, $20, incl. s&h), it has yet to arrive. I’ll let you know how it holds up.

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Send me a link of what it looks like.

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I got the Boker today. The craftsmanship seems fairly solid. The photo looks dramatically better, but the knife still seems OK. It will not be replacing my Gerber, though.
I also bought a bayonet/knife today. I’d rather have that, I’ve decided, if it comes down to fighting.

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I looked at the “Geber Stockman Series” Those are niiiiice. :D

What Gerber do you have? And what bayonet did you buy?

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@shniernan I’ve got one of the Gerber Evos. Simple, durable, and utilitarian, I don’t get odd looks when I haul it out.

I’m still trying to work out what rifle the bayonet is from. The whole thing is 31.5cm (20cm/11.5cm) long. The single-edged 20cm blade tapers to a leaf-like point, and has a fuller that starts 3.5cm from the end and runs all the way down to the tang. The crossguard has a muzzle ring on one side and a short spike on the other (likely more defensive than offensive). The grip is made of wood. The pommel is hollow, rather like a socket; there is a small catch protruding from the side. I would guess that it’s between 50 and 70 years old.

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@Nullo – As I am having no luck buying trench knives I have put that topic off until another day, and am left with my new top three, and i think the Evos is in first, that thing is beautiful.

1: Evos

2: Stockman series


Yeah… They are all pretty pricey, but I gotta say, they all seem worth it.

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The Evo Jr. is fairly cheap.

I strongly recommend buying your knives in person. Mail-order is fine for decorative cutlery, but for something that you plan on using, you should see how it feels in your hand. You should inspect it for imperfections – all the metallic faces should be smooth. You should inspect the blade, too, in order to ensure its sharpness (sharp blades will catch a little when scraped over fingerprint ridges. Make sure that whatever mechanisms are involved work properly.

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@Nullo – Gerber looks like a great brand!!! I like the fast draw, evo, and evo jr.

Why did u mention the jr. being cheaper? Both prices are great. I might just save up and buy em all!

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@shniernan Well, the Gerber Tools site has the MSRP set at around $30 (I think) instead of the Midsize, which was around $50.

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@Nullo – I was on Amazon. But I just looked at the Evo family on Gerber…. Never has the song “I want it all” described me so much.

hahaha, but I was actually serious, I’m a weird guy if you could tell, and personally I really like collecting small parts of things. Like I don’t collect comic books, but I did collect all of Marvel zombies. I dunno a good example but i think I’m gonna buy the Evo jr. and the Evo, and then the fastdraw’s.

Thanks for all your help.

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Why don’t you to just pm each other. You are the only ones still on this question.

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@daytonamisticrip – THIS QUESTION WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!

Naw, I’m leaving it up here in case some other poor soul needs some insight on the subject and is enlightened by our conversation.

That’s how I joined Fluther, so if I just ended it here I might cause somebody to not gain the knowledge necessary for their happiness. And they may never join!

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@daytonamisticrip I really don’t see that it matters if we stay on the thread or PM. If you don’t like it getting bumped, you can stop following it.

Glad to have been of assistance, @shniernan!

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I have no problem with it, I was just saying.

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