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What video downloader should I use?

Asked by valdasta (2144points) August 30th, 2010

I don’t even know if I am saying that (“video downloader”) right, but I could use some help here. Recently I downloaded a program for my MP3 player. It came with an internet video downloading tool. It replaced my existing Real Player. I didn’t like it so I disabled it. Now, I don’t have (or I don’t know how to re-enable Real Player) a downloading tool for video.

Does the Fluther have any suggestions as to a free video downloading program I should try or use?

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If you like to download youtube videos, i suggest you internet download manager (IDM) it extracts a video from any video stream and automaticaly downloads it.
Nice tool

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Reinstall Real Player if you liked that app.

If you’re talking about a general replacement video playback app for a PC – I recommend VLC

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For downloading videos I like KeepIt ( For playing them, like @ipso said, if you like Real Player, just reinstall it.

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@llewis I still have Real Player – I just don’t know what to do in order for it to be available while browsing videos (like youtube). Before, there was a button that would appear if I wished to download a video. Now, nothing.

@ipso I also have VLC, but I don’t know how to utilize it (see ^^^).

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@llewis @valdasta
IDM do the same thing for youtube.

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If you can open Real Player and check the options, there might be a checkbox to make that available to you again. If not, it won’t hurt to re-install it – you can go to the Add & Remove Programs; usually there will be a reinstall available, or if not just re-run the install program.

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