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My dog sometimes comes in from outside and rubs her butt along the carpet, does this mean she has a sore or something?

Asked by cowboyBob64 (68points) August 30th, 2010


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Oooh…sometimes that’s a sign of worms…

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i thought that meant that they have something hanging there and it probably itches and they wanna get it off. watch for skidmarks!

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@iamthemob is right… can be a sign of worms. Go to your vet to check it out.

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Overfull anal glands. Get your vet to empty them or show you how. Icky, but if not dealt with, your dog could chew at them and rupture something. Been there, done that messy and awful, painful for the pooch. My dog didn’t do the classic “scooting” behavior, so I had no warning.

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Very useful comments above. If not all that, it could be your pup using the carpet as toiler-paper, which is a behavioral issue (only if you’d like the carpet clean).

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@JilltheTooth has the most likely answer. Especially smaller dogs have that issue. If you don’t see anything hanging out, then take the dog to the vet to get the anal glands expelled. It is very painful for the dog to have them full.

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Yeah, could be worms, but could be full anal sacs. Either way, bring the dog to the vet. The anal sacs are probably the cause and it can be very messy & stinky if you leave the dog to try and do it himself. Here is a how to video, but I let my vet do it. Eeew!

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Worms, full anal glands, or behavioral issues. Is she spoiled? Lol!

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i think this means the dog has worms.

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Worms would be fairly easy to check. Look at the dogs stool and see if there are any worms in it.

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