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Do you still miss your dog/pet?

Asked by CMaz (26238points) August 30th, 2010

I lost my dog 4 years ago. I really have to be careful thinking about him or I will get emotional.

How do you cope, or is it just a memory?

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Been there, done that. It’s because you had so much. I keep a picture of my two setting in front of me all the time.

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My friends dog got run over my a garbage truck and then the garbage men just through it in the back of the garbage truck. My friend didn’t seem to care at all, he just got another one within the next few days.

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I miss my one and only dog I ever had….she was a sweetheart through and through!

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What a sweet looking dog.
Yes, I lost Lexi in 2008 to throat cancer. I can think of her, about the things she did and I can talk about her. But I cannot think of the day she died. I still get choked up as I am right now and have to clear it from my mind.

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Oh yes!

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I miss Jolie, my cat. She died in 1999. She was such a weirdo, but very sweet if she liked you. She’d never gotten very big, but she was scrappy, and could hold her own if someone came in her own backyard. Once I went off to uni, I’d call and she’d be put on the phone and would meow when I talked to her. I’d like to think she recognized my voice, but I’ll never be sure. I have a photo of her in a laundry basket on my desk right now. When she was born, I was 14 and when she died I was 30.

I couldn’t take her to uni with me . No pets in the dorms. By the year I’d moved to an on-campus flat, I’d developed a horrible allergy to cats and she had to stay where she was. :(

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When I was younger, my mom had to put my black lag to sleep due to a bad heart condition and still, to this day i get emotional thinking about it. I feel that there is no way to cope. They will forever be missed.

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No. I had cats and dogs at various times. None now and I am fine thinking about them or not.

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I miss them all, from being a boy to the last cat I had who past away four years ago, Their pictures are there but in my drawer now :-/ not a bad one among them….. I’ve two cats now still living. I don’t think I could ever have another dog…….. they keep me sane ..Lol….

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Oh, @ChazMaz you had a Westie! One of my most beloved dogs ever was a Westie! They are fabulous friends; a 120 lb dog in a portable body…
To answer your Q, I never really get over it, I still dream about the ones I’ve lost sometimes, but I always have a dog in my life because the memory of how great it is always outweighs the loss.

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I still miss my Misti-brat. ( my nickname for my cat Mistic). She disappeared in mid june. Some people claim to have seen her and 2 days ago i saw her. I tried to grab her but she ran. I miss her but I’m mostly just hope she’s okay.

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Of all the pets I have had,I miss my German Shepherd dog Mel the most.
He was a great travelling companion and never cheated on his taxes ;)

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I go around the house sayin I miss my dog nearly every day. I go up and fondle strange dogs to get some love. Yes, I have a problem…....3 weeks without my best pal…....

There will never be another Maggles…..

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One of the nicest things my vet did, before they creamated the first one,(it was the end of January) they made a paw print in plaster of paris and wrote his name below it. They gave us a beautiful box with his ashes and a ribbon holding the paw print on top. A month later they did the same for the female. Both boxes set on my mantel. I still make friends with all the dogs I can. It’s been four years Jazmina88.

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We lost our cat, Squeeky, after 19 wonderful years and then shortly after we lost our German Shepherd, Max, who was 14. Those were terrible blows for the whole family. That has been almost 7 years now, and though we have other animals (we rescue and re-home when possible) those two will always be missed.
@ChazMaz we all still get a bit emotional over the empty spot left from these two. I hope that one day there will just be the warm fuzzy feeling that they gave to us, but, honestly, we’re not there yet.

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ahhh….Benny…. i see why you would miss him Chaz. Those eyes are full of life.

Spunky is the first thing i see every morning when i go into my computer. Always tell her to have a good day and that i love her. Have really enjoyed Sadie, but she will never replace Spunky.

The way i cope Chaz, she is still with me in spirit. i feel very bless to have been a part of her life for 11 years.

The Benny’s and Spunky’s only come along once in a lifetime. I’m glad someone allowed me to spend 11 wonderful years with that girl. I could write a week about Spunky and what made her special. I’m sure you could do the same about Benny.

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When Spunky died last August, a neighbor sent me a note that said (i’ve inserted Benny’s name…thought this was pretty cool): Please remember your journey with Benny as a Blessing. The loss is Great, but her life was Greater. Your journey with Benny was a Gift from God. Benny adopted you and made you a better person because of the unconditional Love that was shared.

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I lost my old cat last May. I miss him a lot.

And my 12 yr. old granny goose two summers ago.

Both were very special friends.

They are both buried side by side down the hill in my yard, and about once a week when I am out in that part of the yard I think of them both.

The new cats are wonderful but Gad was THE cat of a lifetime. Personality plus.

I try not to think of his little body mouldering away when I look at his gravesite. :-(

I had the best last few months with him, it is sooo important to not take anything you love for granted, and I don’t. I am very present every day with my pets.

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They say, “time heals all wounds,” but I’m not so sure when it comes to that special pet. I had one that was so precious to me that I still cannot really talk about him without getting choked up and its been 9 years since he’s gone. Keep a photo of him around if it brings you comfort and try to remember the great memories of him because that will keep your dog alive in your heart. I’ve had other dogs since, but no one will ever replace Fred.

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@bippee yeah, I’ve Spunky’s photo on my computer. First thing i see when i open my p/c!

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Yes i do, my kitty of 20 years passed away this May and if i think about her too much i start crying. She was my first kitty and i loved her like a child, because that’s what my kitties are to me. Nothing can take the sadness away.

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I miss most of the animals that have come my way. Two cats lived to 19 years old. Iwas busy with children the first time but alone with the last one at her end and she was perfect company. I miss her.

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I always have multiple dogs so of course it is traumatic when I lose one (and my akita and little brown dog are both 13 now so I know they will not be here too much longer) I have the others to ease the pain. And I think it is good to get a new one while the old one is still alive. It often gives the oldie a new lease on life and it gives you something to love when the oldie goes. There are millions of dogs being euthanised in the USA alone, so all of you who are missing your pet, go to the nearest shelter, walk up and down and look into eyes, when one speaks to you that is the one to take home and love again. Won’t replace the lost one, but it helps to fill up the empty space left by their absence.

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Yes, I miss every dog, cat and rabbit I ever had: Socks, 2 Socks, Saber, Nipper, Romulus, Remus, Spock, Griffin, Vashti, Boots, Daemon, Scruffy, and Asha. I am currently enjoying the antics of Toby and Waffles, but they, too, will pass out of my life eventually.

I have had major losses in my family that surpass any sadness left over from my pets, but I have learned to deal with loss.

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I have lost a few cats over the years to old age, and I can accept their passing easily since it was natural.

But there is one that still makes my wife and I teary-eyed; Slagathor. Before we moved to Seattle, we had four cats. Two of them were brothers ~5 years old but still acting like overgrown kittens, and we had no problem re-homing them. One was in her late-teens (no less than 16, and likely older) and in declining health, so we had no problem having her put down since she wouldn’t have lasted more than a few more months anyways.

Slagathor, however, was a 10-year-old cat in great health. Very intelligent, very loyal, but she had anxiety issues that, coupled with her age, made her impossible to find a home for and also impossible to bring with us. She “cracked” a bit when her sister died from kidney failure, and we are sure that the cross-country move would’ve destroyed her; if we could’ve brought her along, it wouldn’t have been the same cat we had when we left NH.

I was the first human that Slagathor saw when she opened her little eyes, and she died peacefully in my arms seconds after the vet put the needle in.

R.I.P. Slagathor :(

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yes. that’s all I want to share

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Yup. I miss them when I find old pictures. My dog Sylvia was a Shih Tzu and she died from a bladder infection. It was really hard because I was getting dressed to take her to the vet and she passed away on the front porch. I had put her out there because i didn’t know what to do. I’d never seen anything larger than a goldfish die before, so it was really hard. I cried the next couple of days. I just remember how she used to act when she was younger, running around and being silly in puppy heaven. She’s in a better place.

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I miss all of them but some more than others. My one cat Max was the one I’ve missed the most. Actually me and my older brother took care of him. When my brother died I put the one picture I did have of Max in his coffin with him. Max died several years later but at the time I didn’t realize I had no extra pictures of the cat. I wish I had at least one of him. I made sure I took some pictures of my new kitten this time. I have pictures of some of my other pets however.

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All you beautiful passionate people. :-)

Group hug!

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@ChazMaz : I’m sure your Benny and our Micro are somewhere running things together.

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@Coloma -” it is sooo important to not take anything you love for granted,”
Exactly :)

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I’m not sure about beautiful, but passionate…. Yeah I guess…… I’m in for the hug ;-)
Savour the memories, that’s all any of us will have left……………….. :-/

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I shared in a different thread yesterday, but…got lucky late afternoon yesterday when I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and scared a coyote off that was right on the tail of my little girl cat Mia.

Amazing moment!

I have only lost one cat out of about 7 to coyotes in 18 years….grateful that number didn’t go up by one yesterday!

Mia is not very interested in going out this morning. lol

One chance to learn or lose, the harsh rules of this mountain.

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A friend sent this to me today and it reminded me of this thread. Have a look, it is a great pic of an akita and good sentiment as well.

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@rooeytoo That’s a wonderful picture. Brought tears to my eyes.

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@Dr_Dredd @rooeytoo Very nice. Did the same to me.:)

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wow…Akita is a beautiful person. i’m having Spunky’s picture painted and will put her on my den wall. Understand how Roo feels.

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<—See that avatar? That’s my cat Elizabeth, better known as Weezbeff, who has been gone for 8 years. (Kidney failure.) I miss her to pieces. She would sit on my lap whenever I wanted her to, would let me cut her nails, give her medication and let me hold her without fussing. We have two terrific cats now (who we had at the same time) and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Unfortunately, they’re not lap cats, nor do they like to be held. I miss that in particular, even eight years later. Sigh.

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OP: Yes. It’s only been 5 months for me, but I don’t think I’ll ever get over losing her.

If a soldier loses a leg in a battle, he might learn to live without it, he might even choose to return to the front, but that leg is never coming back. He’ll never be the same. If the cause he fought for was just, perhaps he can take some comfort in that.

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I don’t know about everyone but I know about me, It’s been three years since I lost my Boxer Maggie. She had Cancer of the spine at 12 there wasn’t anything anyone could do. I had her put to sleep at home new years day 2007, I held her in my arms and kissed her as she drifted way. And I think of her every day of my life. She was like a child to me, I have her ashes in a box with her favorite toys and some pictures on my nightstand. We couldn’t take going home and not seeing her there so, we moved to NJ. My wife and I kept all her things for 7months after her passing before we could bring ourselves to donate them to our local shelter over 400 miles away from VA. That’s where we told our story, They said “We have a young boxer do you want to see him” we said okay. To our amazement and delight this brindle and white bouncing ball of fire came running around the corner and leaped into my arms, He had all of Maggie’s markings, her head, her eyes and even her spotted belly. He was 7 months old. Maggie had been gone seven months! After beating out five other families that wanted him we brought him home. We named him Mugsy and he’s been a really good dog. But, I still miss Maggie especially when I get into these types of conversations. In many ways Mugsy acts like Maggie did, sometimes I think maybe, just maybe, she has come back and her spirit lives on in him.

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@FrankLiso Read A Dog’s Purpose. It’s a wonderful story about doggie reincarnation.

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