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What are your theories on the dissapearance of my cat?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) August 30th, 2010

She was an outdoor cat. She would often disappear for 2–4 days. This time she hasn’t come back since mid June. 3 people have supposedly seen her. And just to days ago i saw her. I was going to bring her home but she ran from me. Not full speed just a sort of jog. She went threw somebodies yard then disappeared into the woods.

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I wonder if you could rent a tranquilizer gun with a scope

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Sounds like your cat is catting around.

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Obviously she is a free spirit, maybe even has several homes she frequents.
Some cats do just leave home.
Maybe there was something about your environment she didn’t like. I had a cat run away once when I introduced a new cat. She never returned and I never had a clue as to what became of her. Sad, but it happens.

Did you change anything in your home, a new person or animal moving in?
Was your homelife loud, any fighting or negative energies happening?

Animals are effected by change just as humans are.

Did you keep her outdoors a lot, ignore her?

Many reasons why she might have left, maybe someone else has better cat food, or gives her tuna. lol

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Maybe your cat was not done with his or her business yet. When it gets hungry it will come home. If it does not check the pound. You might get a lecture on letting your cat roam free.

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Is your cat spayed/neutered? If not, that might be a reason.
Maybe someone else adopted your cat and now the cat thinks it belongs to someone else.

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She left you for me. I will be a better husband for her.

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She is spayed. She gets table scraps, meat,canned food, and has an unlimited supply of kibble. There is four of us living in the house so anytime she want attention she gets it. She has another cat to play with and there has been no new changes. There is rarely any screaming in the house. And we could tell she loved us. It’s possible she lives in the woods because she’s an exceptional hunter. But why? Why would she leave us?

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It’s impossible to say, you can’t ask her after all.

Just have to let it go, maybe keep trying to catch her f you can.

Sounds like your household is pretty even keel and she is well provided for.

Some cats get a taste of the wild and revert to a semi-feral state.

Females, typically are the hardcore hunters, she may very well just be diggin’ being the lioness. I am not advocating allowing cats to become feral, but, it happens sometimes.

Maybe as the weather changes into the winter she will return to home & hearth.

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One of my cats left home for over a month. He came back after everyone in the family figured he’d never be coming back.

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We had a cat that disappeared for a while once. When it came back, my mom took a piece of loose leaf and wrote a note on it, phone number etc. Then she turned it into a collar, and messenger pigeoned that sucker back from whence he came.

Three days later, mystery solved. Lady had cats and had been treating him well whenever he’d come around!

What is that! Domestic Feline Stockholming!

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Cats can lose trust in people & find new homes, this is exactly what happened with my sisters cat.. Her husband hated cats & would often kick him about, he soon found a more affectionate home in the next street with an old lady who doted on him.. My sis new where he was better off & left him there….. Maybe your cat just feels more secure in the woods as opposed to being the smallest most vulnerable member of your family!? Cats are very aware of how small they are & will often avoid places they feel threatened……..

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haha..I did that once too years ago when I lived in San Diego.

Cat kept coming around and I tied a note to it’s collar saying that if I did not hear back I would be keeping the cat. Lady called me and said he had a home and was very much wanted, he just knew I gave him tuna because I thought he was a lost stray. haha

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@Coloma I did the same thing with a cat that started hanging around our house! We thought maybe she was a stray, but didn’t want to “steal” someone’s cat. The day after I put our phone number on a collar and put the collar on the cat, a lady called and said, “I think my cat is living a double life!” The cat still visits us almost every night, but we don’t feed her anymore. In winter, we see a lot less of her, but as soon as it warms up she is back on our deck. I like getting to enjoy a cat without any of the responsibility of ownership!

@daytonamisticrip At least you know your cat is still alive and well. She may like being independent, or she may have adopted someone else who doesn’t realize she already has an owner. If she’s just enjoying the freedom, she might come back to you when it gets cold. If she’s found a new family, you might not see much of her anymore. :(

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I have several theories myself. I have these neighbors that are fairly creepy, they dug up my dead cat Daytona. And they beat my dog several times. They absolutely hate cats. Honestly when they see a house cat walking toward them they react like it’s a mountain cat stalking them. Anyway i believe that they may have hurt her and now she’s scared of people. Also she’s been hit a by before car and seemed to have lost her memory for a few days. I think that it’s possible she got hit again and doesn’t remember us.

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@daytonamisticrip not funny…but somehow…funny.

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Sounds like a problem I had some yrs ago. I had a cat many yrs ago and everything was good. Then one day a friend came over my house and the cat was never seen again. Just mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again.

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My family had a cat once, a crabby old tom who, through a series of misadventures, ended up being called Kitty. Not that he’d come when you called him. Like your cat, he’d had his share of Bad Things happen, including being hit by a car and being shot at with a pellet gun.
Anyway, he developed a tendency to leave for days on end and come back, in good health and as crabby as ever. In retrospect, I can certainly imagine him taking those days as a sort of vacation, when the stress of being around his inferiors was just too much to bear.
One final time, after nearly sixteen years, he ran away and we never found him again.

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@Ltryptophan What is wrong with you… what is wrong with people in general. Explain to me how it’s somehow funny. Please go ahead and share.

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You have a neighbor that dug up your dead cat. WTF! That is rather absurd…to the point of humor. Did you bury your cat on their property??? Did they come onto your property and exhume your cat???

Then you say…they retract at the sight of your living cat….like she’s a mountain lion…these images are rather humorous…

Do you live next to the Addams family?

Like I said…it’s not funny…but you sure make it sound funny.

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I find it rather sickening that my neighbors would dig up the body of a dead cat and do who knows what to it or with it.
But yeah i guess people retreating in fear from a house cat is pretty funny. And NO the cat was buried on my property!

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You must be fishing for attention with your absurd claim, but here goes. Why did you let them desecrate your pets grave, and then exhume it, and plunder it. Are you a Pharoah? That would be the only explanation.

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I am not seeking attention only answers. I’m not lying and don’t need to prove it to you or anyone else. I hope and wish everyone believes me though because if you trust me then i have a better chance at finding answers.

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I know this is an old question, but sometimes cats can return to feral or even go feral even though they were born in your closet. If something in the living situation they are in makes that alternative preferable to staying home. The odd thing is that underneath they haven’t lost the taming or the affection for people they like, if it can be triggered.

I had a cat who went feral when I shared a house with someone who was breeding Himalayans and my boycat had just been neutered. He’d run away to where I used to live but the window wasn’t open there for him anymore so he mostly hid under a house. I kept trying to bring him back. He would slink away like any strange feral but if I carried his food dish and a can opener, he would hear the familiar sounds and come back just like himself. But when he got back to the situation he ran away again. I took him to the country to stay with a former friend but he took in a dog who chased my baby boy away. For years I thought of him out there alone.

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