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Do you listen to music at work?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) August 30th, 2010

If you do, what percentage of the work day are you listening to music? How do you listen to music (iPod/MP3 player, radio, songs stored on your computer…)? Do you think it helps you stay productive or is more of a distraction? How loud do you have it being played? What type of music do you most often listen to? Has anyone complained?

If you don’t, why? Is it not possible because of the type of job you have? Is it forbidden in the workplace? If you could, would you?

Does someone you work with play music? What do you think about it?

Bonus: What song is currently playing?

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I’m listening to Pat Metheny Radio on iTunes on my headphones as I write this, and my office door is closed. My department—creative marketing services—is located right in the middle of a gaggle of software engineers who scream geek stuff at each other all day long. Couldn’t survive without my music.

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I am a music junkie.. radio/cd player is on from 7:30 am to 5:00. I have a 3 disc changer in my office and I allow my staff to bring anything in. If it sucks, we change it, if we like we leave it… currently i am listening to Nelly’s new single “just a dream” from the new album 5.0. Work without music would be a crime!!!

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I’ll listen to internet radio at work. I have a number of go-to stations, mostly of the indie/Brit rock variety. At home, I have my 1TB collection of various types of music on a dedicated drive and MediaMonkey to play it on.

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When i used to work in a real office in an attorney’s firm, i didn’t listen to music there. The receptionist had her radio on as far as i can remember, so i think i just listened to that down the hall.
When i worked from my dad’s house i didn’t listen much to music there either because i pretty much didn’t even think about getting a radio in there, haha, until a few months before i left there.
Now i work from home and still don’t have a radio in the office. Mostly because i forget about it, and there isn’t any space to plonk a radio down anywhere and there’s probably no plug space either. And i don’t really need music that much, although i wouldn’t mind having it on, also so that i don’t miss out on any good music coming out. And i don’t think i can catch my favourite station here. I can’t in the kitchen anyway.

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iPod in a Bose soundock. It really makes colonoscopy more fun.

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My name is Stan & I drive an ice cream van….whaddya think? I jest of course, seriously it’s on whenever I get the chance. Breaks up a sometimes dreary day’s graft.

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I deliver papers with my Creative Zen Vision M, don’t take it off when people talk to me either.

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@Zyx I would flag your response as “hilarious” if there was the option.

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The only work I do right now is school. pre-IB year
I listen to music on my Itunes when getting ready, on my ipod on my way to school, at school before class starts, at the end of class, whenever I get a chance.And on my way home, right now I am listening to Shane Dawson.

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I listen to music while I clean. I am a housewife. It is my job. I also listen in the car on my way to do errands which is part of my job. I also like to listen to music before I go to sleep. Helps me relax.

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I work in two stores that play the same satellite station and I can be there from 7am until 10pm, going nuts with the same 80’s pop music. It’s going on 3yrs now with the same songs, same time of day, every day. Ugh. ”I am the eye in the sky…”

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There is never a time when I don’t have music on while I work.:)
I will listen to Norah Jones tonight .

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We have music that plays in the whole office. I rarely get to listen to it though because I’m usually in another room with a patient or on the phone with a patient, pharmacy, insurance company, or another doctor.

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We have a radio on at work. It’s a classic hits radio. Not at work, but am listening to Crimson & Clover

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No, it is not allowed.

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I work in a mediterranian restaurant and there is salsa-y arabic sounding music on all the time. i like it a lot. it keeps me happy. its fun. i get to dance when there are no customers. and when it’s quiet it’s awkward so it’s totally a plus.

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I listen to my iPod docking station at work when I am in an office that I can. I hate not having my music!

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I prefer peace and quiet, just the normal daily living sounds. During the day, I am home alone and I do not turn on any music. At night I hear the music coming from the computer room where my husband spends his evenings.

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I keep my little 3 dollar radio I got at the Dollar store somewhere in my truck to use when I’m working. For such a small device it sure puts out a lot of sound and if it takes a flop on the ground and blows up well then, it was only 3 bucks…but hey, there is always duct tape!

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I usually have too many meetings to attend to listen to music at work, but when I need to shut people out, I use my iPod Touch, and a playlist that I really enjoy. Right now, I’m listening to The National a lot. I have a lot of music I haven’t listened to yet – Drums, Stars, The Broken West, Imogen Heap, Elbow, Phoenix…

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Depends if my boss is working or not. if hes not then yes, with my iPod and i only use one ear bud. It makes the day go faster. Cleaning fish tanks can be kind of mindless sometimes so some nice jams help.

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@uberbatman I agree on the cleaning of fish tanks- bleah

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Not in a police car. i might not hear gunshots or your call for help.

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I worked at day camp this summer and I played music constantly. Me and the girls enjoyed a good round of freeze dance every once in a while. I also started ghetto-dancing once for the lulz, and then one of the kids was imitating it all day. Whoops…

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We have a small radio on in the office, as an attempt to break the monotony

Currently Brandon Flowers – Crossfire

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It’s forbidden in our place of work because most employees are on the phone most of the time and it’s bad form for customers to hear music in the background. We have TVs, but with the sound off and subtitles on.

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