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Where do the guidelines address duplicate questions?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32210points) August 30th, 2010

I recently asked a question that was sent to editing, because it was a duplicate. But if there is no mechanism for bringing old questions to the front page again, then how can there be a complaint that any given question is a duplicate?

Should duplicates be allowed?

What about the famous line of questions about good things that happened to you today…part II, III, IV, V…XII? Doesn’t that seem like a silly way to get around duplication?

Should there be a way to bring questions back to the main page to solicit more input?

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You know what? Once in a while I would say yes duplicates should be permissable.I mean there’s always an influx of new users.Nice to hear fresh opinions on an old topic.

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Well, damn, I couldn’t find anywhere in the guidelines where it said duplicates aren’t allowed. I agree with @ucme, it’s nice to hear fresh opinions.

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Once you answer an old question it does go back to the top when you are looking at the “active” tab. Since that is not the default tab, I doubt most people look at it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking a question that someone else asked months ago (and I think it should be allowed). I always thought the duplicate question option under the flags was for when one person asks the same question over again instead of looking at the one they asked previously.

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We usually only remove very recent duplicates or questions that have been asked so often we no longer accept any questions on the subject (2012 springs to mind). I don’t know that it’s specifically addressed in the guidelines, but perhaps it should be.

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As the mod who returned your question, I can tell you that plenty of questions get repeated. But your question had been asked (in very similar wording) a mere week earlier.

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Thank you for asking this question. I often refer to the ‘active’ tab for questions from the past. As above, when the same question is asked twice in a short time, it is redundant.

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I just rehash old questions; one in three slides by the mods. But then, I’m cute.

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@everyone: Thank you all. That answers the question.

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