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If you wrote a letter to your 20-something year old self how would it read?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (792points) August 30th, 2010

If you were asked to write a letter to yourself when you were in your twenties, what would you say? Based on all the experiences you have now, how would that letter read?

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“Don’t be in a hurry to get in a relationship; you’re better off on your own.”

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“Follow your heart.”

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Get your thyroid checked. AGAIN. Tell them to check the T3 and T4 and not just the TSH levels.

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Hello me right now, what’s up?

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You’re about to see some messed up stuff…

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Hey dumb sh*t. Stay away from Linda. She’s pretty, but poison.

Oh, and buy some stock in a start-up company called Microsoft.

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Just do it and don’t listen to what anyone else tells you otherwise!!

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Mine would say:

Hey you,
You’re awesome. Keep it up.

Of course, I’m in my early 20’s so…

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“It wasn’t nothing. It meant something.”
That was only little over a month ago.

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Go get your real estate license and join a brokerage NOW.

Keep doing what you’re doing as far as spending and credit go. Don’t cash in your trust fund, you won’t need to if you ask just a few more people to help with what they’ll think is “small potatoes”.

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I can’t wait to be you. We’ll have amazing adventures. We can finally get and drink alcohol the legal way! You better be as cool as I am now. And you better be successful. :)

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Not long before you have kids, whoo hoo!!!! More of a post it note than a letter but i’d sure get the message loud & clear.

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dear self don’t be such an idiot. save and invest instead of blowing that money

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It would say “Keep doing what you’re doing!”
I only just turned 21, you know ^_^

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“Don’t worry, in twenty years time you will be less shy, and more confident.”

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“you da man, so go kick some ass!”

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” Holyshit, I am writing a letter to the future :o

Ummm… Sooo, is Bj√∂rk the worldwide dictator now? I hope so :’(

<3 Nic

P.S. Don’t do that thing you will regret later. Oh wait, I don’t think it works that way… Darn it, this sucks :\ ”

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“Save your money, spend wisely, and don’t ask foolhardy questions!”

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Write a set of rules for yourself. Doesn’t need to be religious, just good sense. Read Mark Twain, Will Rogers and the like.

After you have a list of rules to live by, if a situation or choice doesn’t pass their test…don’t do it.

All things bad AND good will pass.

Love with all your heart…but live with a bit of caution.

And, know that I love you.

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Dont turn your back on God or music.
You can love, but dont love drugs.

Dont stop teaching….dont stop learning…...

keep your day job, as the song goes.

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Civil Service. . .
Get a Civil Service job. . .

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Dear @marinelife,

You are lovable just as you are.

Stop and take time to live life. Do not be afraid.

Your best years are to come.

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Dear Me

You’ve done really well getting to where you are now & I’m proud of ya!
Keep following your heart
Embrace your passions in life
Keep looking inwards & keep lovin’!
Do something fun every day – please.
I’m a twenty something

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Stay in college. Don’t get married yet.

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Don’t worry about birth control. Have all the fun you want. You ain’t gettin’ noone pregnant! But don’t worry, the technology will come along eventually, and you will have a bio kid. Or two.

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Three words: Don’t marry him.

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I promise you, you will get through this, and you will find love again. That child is your salvation for now.

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Dear Austinlad. Don’t be a wuss. Go after everything in life you want, because the time and distance between 20 and now is faster than light and you can’t go back.

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Well, I’m only 26 so I’ll write this note to my 20 year old self:

Dear Simone,

I know London is amazing and you’re having the best time of your life but there is no reason to be a walking Tequila bottle and pour out all of your Paxil down the sink. Life’s going to get mighty difficult after that and you’ll never really be the same. P.S. You don’t have to get married or become a doctor – life will lead you to where you need to be. You will have a future you never imagined and, if you can believe it, you will be a vegan just like that crush of yours who you think ‘eats nothing but nuts all day’.

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Everything you will do in the next 45 years will make you into who I am today and I pretty much like me so don’t worry about it. I have to admit we did some really dumb shit stuff along the way (usually with regard to the opposite sex) but it was all part of the learning curve, they weren’t mistakes, they were lessons! Have fun and don’t forget to take time to smell the flowers!

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Dear 20 year old self,

You are signing up for one wild ride, lots of up ups and some huge downer downs…but, hang in there because you are going to end up really, really, really happy inspite of the rollercoaster of life you are about to jump on!

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How’s university going? Y’know, if there’re any bad decisions you made about which university to go to and which courses to choose, now would be a really good time to let me know. Please reply soon.

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I’m still in my 20’s, but ti’d read something like:
“Don’t rent so many movies and save the money, you’re gonna need it. Don’t procrastinate.”

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Make your choices to please yourself, not to please others.

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Stay in school. Plan your future. Taking one day at a time gets you nowhere.

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Oh, and by the way, Austinlad… when you get married, watch out for the crazy mother-in-law who hates Jews and thinks FedEd and federal Express are two different companies.

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Dear me…

Deary me, you’ve some interesting times ahead of you! Make the most of the first five years, you’ll make friends for life who will, on occasion, save you from rats, both figuratively and literally! Keep your head above water in your 26/27th year, you will make it, and come out the other side stronger… and the last three years will teach you that self-value is important above all other’s ideas of you.

Stick at it girl, this side of 30 is much more fun!

Oh, and by the way… I love you.

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Dear Chyna,
Get a 4 year degree, the 2 year one isn’t going to do you any good. Stop being shy and withdrawn, you are missing out on a lot of life and a lot of great friends. Get out of the rut of a job you are in right now, because when you are there 30 years, you will be cast out and the job market will be slim pickings, your field of expertise too narrow.

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@chyna hey, never will forget in the 8th grade, my mom was washing dishes, and i told her, “i’m going to get scholarship (playing basketball) and become the first college graduate in this family!” loll She said, “boy, go clean up your room!” I did it. So, Kudos to you!

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you owe me $25,000

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