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What do beard trimmer comb settings mean?

Asked by ETpro (34482points) August 30th, 2010

Most men’s beard trimmers come with a detachable comb that can be set to a series of distances from the clipper blades by means of a numbered thumb-wheel. Settings on my Remington Titanium MB-35 range from 1–9 and I think that is pretty standard for trimmers.

Do these numbers relate to a specific distance from the blades that is standardized across shavers and clippers, or must you just experiment or use a gauge to actually measure what each setting gives you in hair length?

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I think the most common is in eigth-inch increments, but it’s definitely not universal as one or two of my “number two” haircuts will attest. For a consumer product, I couldn’t guess.

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The barber I asked told me the same thing that @kevbo mentioned, that it’s 1/8th-inch increments.

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@kevbo & @Sarcasm Thanks. My Remington must not follow that. Maybe it’s in 1/16th inch increments, because I trim my beard and moustache to #6 and it ends up about 3/8 of and inch long.

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