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Will the same thermostat work for both oil and gas heaters?

Asked by Evan (805points) August 30th, 2010

I’m living in a house with oil heating, and am asking the landlord to get a programmable thermostat to replace the manual one. She’s considering making the switch to gas in the near future, and we’re wondering if the same thermostat would likely work with a gas heater if and when the gas was brought in.

Any thoughts?

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Check with your furnace guy. That said, in two different houses I’ve had I switched from oil to gas and didn’t have to switch out the thermostat.

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Yes, the thermostat is there to detect the temperature and either turn on or off the furnace. It doesn’t care what kind of furnace it is turning off/on.

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Some will and some won’t. Check the label on the box of the thermostat or the literature inside the box. Most programmable’s will work on several different types of systems. When gas is installed it may have to be rewired at the stat(probably not), or the installer may have to change the settings to use the gas effeciently. If your landlord gets your programmable installed, keep all the paper work that comes with the unit. It will help the gas furnace installer reprogram the new stat if needed.

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All a thermostat does is provide a contact closure to a heater or cooling unit. It doesn’t matter what it controls as long as it stays accurate.

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Not always. It depends on the relay/valve/servo used by your heading/cooling unit. Some electronic thermostats will work only with certain types. You’ll need to identify the valve/servo/relay on your system and check on the thermostat package if it will work with that valve/servo/relay…

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