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Prescriptions - the price we pay for drugs? Can you afford it?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) August 30th, 2010

I’m on insulin, you are on 2 kinds most of the time, 1 type is $1000 for 3 months without insurance, and you have to have it to keep living.

Just picked up my vicodin. Only $2.78, less than a dime a pill. One of the big street drugs….so cheap. makes life a bit better, but doesnt kill you if you dont have it. hear me, junkies??

What is the fairness in that?? if I didnt have decent insurance, how would I make it? I’m on at least 10 rxs. Anyone else in the same boat??

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As far as I’m concerned, anything is too much. If you get prescribed medication, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. (I get sort of socialistic about health care and education).

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It is a shame that they overcharge us on the drugs which are needed to survive. America is not always what they pretend it is. :(

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I’ve rarely had health insurance and most prescriptions have been very expensive, at least to me. I used to get yearly lung infections and the antibiotics would be at least $70. a script. My mother is on pills for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol- before insurance kicked in then she was paying about $500.00 a month just for meds which is about what she earns per week. There are times when not insured that I’ve not filled prescriptions for things like painkillers that go with antibiotics or for after surgeries because I couldn’t afford it. There are surgeries I’ve had where I’ve opted out of being put to sleep because I couldn’t afford it.

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My hubby is prescribed Advair. Originally $50 a month, now it’s upwards of $350, at least that’s where it was three years ago, when he had to stop taking it.

He can’t afford the prescription that will treat the same condition that disqualifies him for most health insurance, and all affordable coverage.

Apparently poor people aren’t entitled to oxygen.

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Look for generic brands. Most of them work just as well and are way cheaper. pharmaceutical companies just seem so bent on making money via ripping off people.

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generic insulin??? It’s not there yet. $75 for 3 month supply with insurance $1000 without

advair is important to breathing….

I used to work in pharmacy management. I used to know generics. But these companies are outrageous…...6 boxes on insulin $1000??? That’s about $8000 shelf price on insulin alone a year. How can people survive??

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I feel like so much of this is because the patent system is out of control. We need to figure out a way to incentivize drug research without granting a “cure monopoly.”

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@jazmina88 good point there.

But in my case, I was suffering severe Niacin Poisoning, and the doctors recommended that i take some prescription of something that cost around $200 to help clean out my system. Friend of mine recommended Acai berries, I was doubtful, but within a month, I was healthier than I have ever been in 5 years. That was thanks to Acai berry supplements.

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and the issue with generic insulin is that the US has generic insulins prohibited from being manufactured within the US so that pharmaceutical companies can rip you off plenty with the insulins they manufacture.

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Oh, Humalog actually only costs around $30 per bottle to make. Just Lilly happens to be a very greedy company.

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I love acai berries…...

and vitamins. and try to be healthy. But you can’t afford to be on rxs here in the states. There is help for the uninsured, and I can lead some of you to help. The companies lend some support. I also worked in the non profit sector as well, tryin to find support for needy musicians. But we need generic insulin. Truly.

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@Winters @jazmina88 You be careful with those acai berries. You can get Chagas Disease from eating the acai products.

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My parents both take a cocktail of medication and I have no idea how they have paid for it all these years. When I needed to take medication I felt overwrought with guilt and just stopped taking it. I can live with migraines if it means saving them some money.

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