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Is Burning Man what it claims to be, or more of a lie?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19036points) August 30th, 2010

I was reading this article and I wanted to get the Jellies input: Is free love (and Burning Man in general) “a communal spiritual odyssey of open minds, exploring the sensual and discovering how beautiful life can be without rules and inhibitions” or “a dirty, confused child with sticky hands rooting through garbage”?

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I’ve known men who swore by Burning Man and I don’t doubt their passion, for I belong to an organization very much like it that changed my life. Open your mind and ignore the skeptics who inner fears keep them from exploring new ways to be better human beings.

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IMO it is a shadow of it’s original self. Commercialized promotion and sensational hype has overtaken the premise of liberating ones self from the trappings of everyday demands to a come one come all and buy our souvenirs and tell all your friends. It is still one of the coolest events in modern mans history!! :))

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A friend of mine goes every year and loves it! :)

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I’ve heard that it is now overpriced and overrated.

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I know someone who went this year. She went with a group called Costume Cult from NYC. She loved it! She said this is the first year ever that it was sold out. They have “camps” and next to her camp was the porn star camp. I am not making this up! Jenna Jamison was there. What does this tell you about a sensual spiritual odyssey? She said they looked very plastic. but that is only one group there and overall she loved it. We were wondering about the people who brought their children along. Even though they had separate children’s areas it seemed like they would be exposed to a lot of the, for lack of a better term, nitty gritty aspects of Burning Man. Inside advice, if you decide to go, don’t forget the saline spray!

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