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Where is a good place to buy a replacement screen for a laptop?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) August 30th, 2010

I almost bought one online but then I came across a website that was all about how the one I was on was a fake. So now I am a little scared to buy online unless I know it’s legit. Any good website suggestions? I’ve looked on Amazon and I think it’s called newegg… something like that… I’ve looked at the HP website but I can’t find a place to buy only a screen.

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Do you by any chance own an old Sager from like 2002? Because I have one that has been laying around my house for a couple of years. It’s an LG Phillips LP157E1 (C2). Apparently things are so proprietary when it comes to screens that it basically has to be an exact match. At least that’s my understanding. If that doesn’t work out, there is EBay…

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And yes, newegg is legit as it

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Nope, it’s an HP Pavilion dv9339. The website that was sketchy was After looking into it more I think we figured out it was somebody on Ebay and their username was screenaid. We found two different screenaid websites that looked idedentical… except for the URL. One was just the other (and the one we thought was legit) was I was just too scared to go through with it… I have insurance on my credit card for that kind of thing but I just dont’ want to risk it.

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@lilikoi I believe you meant is, not “it”.

Newegg is is about as legit as it gets on the ‘net.

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browse craigslist.
cheaper, and you wont get ripped off because you see the item first hand

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I just had parts for a new computer come from newegg today. They are by far the best place for stuff on the internet. The customer service rocks and they manage to get it to me in two days using the cheapest shipping option.

I have used them for over five years and they rock. If they have the screen I would be willing to pay the extra since they are super legit and they will hook you up if you have a problem.

But replacement screens are usually expensive. I would be wary if it is under a few hundred for a new one. Usually it is cheaper to replace the laptop then get a screen.

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Your local repair Computer person store willmost likely have or be able to obtain, a replcaement screen. Laptop screens are different connection with each model and brand so you can’t just put any old thing onto it. You could get a small LCD monitor if the laptop is staying in the one place or attach an old TV to it.

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Yeah we have it hooked up to the TV now, but I am doing online courses and I am about to travel so I will be needing something portable. I live in Guam and there really are not very many computer stores… Well, any good ones at least.

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maybe you can visit, there are some hp screens. Hope that can help you.

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