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Are there any good movies to cheer you up about having cancer?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) March 25th, 2008

Someone in my family just found out they have an unusual growth, probably malignant, no worries. Anyhoo, they have a great personality and enjoys movies. What movies are out there, that are not depressing, that I can recommend for their netflix?

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A malignant growth is a worsening case, perhaps you mean benign?

In any case I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a movie that focuses on cancer that wasn’t depressing. The one that might be different would be “Man on the Moon” which is about Andy Kaufman an odd comedian who died of cancer. The movie, however, focused mostly on his life while healthy.

Good luck to your family member.

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I am sorry i do mean benign!

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I like a walk to remember. Cheesy, yes. But a good movie (in my opinion) ;) good luck to your family member..

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I highly recommend Jack starring Robin Williams.

Well… cancer isn’t the theme of this film in the least. The film does focus on what a person will do with a limited amount of time on this earth. It’s heart warming and quite enjoyable.

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august rush great move about everything coming together in time and love that never fails

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the lion king

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forrest gump

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cheech and chong.

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Whatever you do, stay away from “2 Weeks” with Sally Fields. I cried for an hour after watching that! It was a very hard movie to watch, but there is some comedy mixed into it where you would least suspect it. I love laughing through tears. But it probably isn’t the best choice for someone currently worried about cancer.

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stay away from “step-mom” too.

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and Beaches

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I wonder if “Charlie” might be a good choice. It’s about a man with serious mental retardation—yet they figure out how to fix it for a while (and he becomes a super genious) and in that time that he is “smart,” he goes through a whole cycle of an intense life. Kind of a live-while-you-can story.

I know that funny movies are always a good bet when someone is sick—and I would go from Charlie Chaplin to Woody Allen.

All the best for a full recovery.

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Tour Baby and Tour Baby Deux are films which chronicle Scott Coady’s amazing journey following the entire Tour de France.

He became inspired to make the films as fundraising vehicles for the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) after his best friend’s daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer in December 2001.

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No, there aren’t any good movies that will cheer you up about having cancer. Such an idea! We all have this impulse, believe me, but it’s goofy.
Take the person some good movies and enjoy them together. People who
have cancer don’t have to think about it all the time. It’s only a little part of life, even theirs.
I too wish you well, and hope “benign” is the word you’ll be using very soon.

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