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In your opinion, who is the most famous living person in the entire world?

Asked by stevie1145 (68points) August 31st, 2010

Which living person’s name is the most recognizable to people throughout the globe – including 3rd world countries?

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Bruce Springsteen

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I would say Osama Bin Laden

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Jennifer Aniston

(Edit: If American magazines and billboards are correct.)

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I asked Al Gore and he said he was.

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I would say Gary Coleman or Micheal Jackson but you included the living clause.

Since they don’t count I would say Obama.

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I would say The Pope.

Ironically, I don’t actually know the Pope’s name.

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Lady Gaga.

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Beth Williams.

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Farin Urlaub.

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Adolf Hitler.

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Michael Jackson

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I have to divide it into famous and infamous. For famous, President Obama. For infamous, Osama. But there are numerous people who could hold the same titles.

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Milo here; You really need to ask?

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Michelle Shocked. No, wait, Bono Vox.

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Fidel Castro

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Princess Diana

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Hu Jintao.

@KatawaGrey Pope Benedict XVI was born Joseph Alois Ratzinger.
@erichw1504 Adolf Hitler and Princess Diana are dead.

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Ashton Kutcher

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Living person?

Madonna or President Obama.

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President Madonna Obama?

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Santa Claus, don’t you dare tell me he’s not living or else i’ll…....well i’ll scream the bloody place down. Yes that’s what i’ll do :¬D Alternatively & rather more likely i’m going to have to say Nelson Mandela or perhaps Queen Elizabeth ll.

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@bob_ Oops, my bad on Hitler and Diana!

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How could i’ve forgotten them…, John and Jane Doe.

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Tom Cruise.

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Homer Simpson
The Big Man Clarence Clemons

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Mother Theresa.

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Conan O’Brien

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According to search results in Google.

Conan O’Brien – 19.100.000 results
Mother Theresa – 9.010.000 results
Homer Simpson – 3.550.000 results
Tom Cruise -7.660.000 results
John Doe – 3.530.000 results (Jane – 1.520.000 results)
Santa Claus – 13.300.000 results
Madonna – 44.800.000 resultts
Obama – 645.000.000 results
Ashton Kutcher – 4.830.000 results
Hu Jintao – 1.730.000 results
Oprah – 17.100.000 results
Fidel Castro – 11.900.000 results
Bono – 19.800.000 results
Farin Urlaub – 229.000 results
Beth Williams – results (okay, 1.020.000)
Lady Gaga – 170.000.000 results
The Pope – 15.800.000 results
Al Gore – 6.700.000 results
Osama bin Laden – 17.100.000 results
Jennifer Aniston – 25.000.000 results
Bruce Springsteen – 11.200.000 results

Yes, i was bored.

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Is Google ‘living’ yet? ‘Cause I think that’s the answer.

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When I think “most famous living person” I think it this way…

Can that person go places and not be recognized? The less places the more famous.

Word references don’t count. Obama being a good example. He is “famous” but I bet there are plenty of places he can walk and no on would notice.

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I would have said Michael Jackson but he’s not living any more.

Looking at this logically: three quarters of the world’s population lives in China, so the most famous person in the world (known by the most people, even those with no internet and no education) is probably Hu Jintao . I expect every Chinese home has a picture of their “benevolent leader”.

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Yes, MJ.

DO not think there was any place in the world he could go.

Except a Michael Jackson convention.

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Yao Ming. Famous in both China and North America.

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@downtide Beat you to it. Booyah!

@Seek_Kolinahr Mother Theresa is dead.

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Elvis, I just saw him at the 7–11.

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Who the FUCK! is Conan O’Brien? if i have to wiki this person it better be worth it….tell me he is the messiah or something.

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@mammal he is an out of work late night TV talk show host in the USA

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Jennifer Aniston’s lawyers have just contacted me.

Ms. Aniston’s Google numbers above were misrepresented. Her PR conglomerate agency will not allow her to be represented in this thread further unless Fluther publishes forthwith one of three select photographs: here in this thread, on the Fluther homepage, and included in the random new icon generating database.

We have till end-of-day today EST to fully comply or respond back with recommended changes to the website. Including changing Dr.J with a picture of Ms. Aniston.

An injunction is being sent to Hu Jintao, and everyone on the list.

Heretofore plans for the Hu Jintao mini-series biography will be postponed until such time that litigation is resolved.

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Good question…..Michael Jordon !

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Richard C. Mongler

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Paris Hilton. :-(

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Seriously though, probably Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso – the 14th Dalai Lama.

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Michael Jackson. It was a fake death. Therefore he is the winner.

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To judge from the number of people listed above that I have never heard of, or only just heard of (by name) but know nothing about, I’d say the standard for “most famous” must not be very high.

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Mickey Mouse

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@bob_ What, That was….... let’s just say…... I don’t even know. Where the heck did you find that?

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