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Besides food, what other items did you buy today?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) August 31st, 2010

Except the regular food shopping what new purchases have you made today?

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I didn’t buy anything but was given a list of items to bring to a pottery pit firing party—say that three times fast—
One of the items on the list is dried horse poop.
Looks like I get to go shopping XD

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I bought Halloween decorations! I even started putting them up, then realized I needed more lights, so ran back to the store to get more. I also bought my son Marmaduke on DVD.

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Hair dye and a head band and shavers! My grey is showing.

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I paid to have a photo digitized to provide to @Augustlan for the Fluther interview.

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A bag of pretzels.

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@ZEPHYRA Thank you! I am excited about this firing! :)

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New school bags for the kids. Back next week after another loooooooong summer break :¬)

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shaving equipment and a 3 cases of condoms!

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@BoBo1946 WOW Are you ready for action or what?! Where do you shop Costco?

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@BoBo1946 You buy condoms by the case? I’m impressed.

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Aw man, i so wish i had something to say here. Unfortunately i only bought some of the usual groceries today. **sigh**... I did buy a packet of peanuts though, which is not a regular purchase i make.

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Ah, BoBo, that’s what I like to see, a thrifty optimist!
I bought some yummy bath powder!
@marinelife, what interview?

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A six pack of Hamm’s tallboys and a Ubuntu CD (it was a dollar) and a HDMI cable.

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i must confess…..loll..just could resist writing that. I’ve not bought a condoms in 40 years. I ride my mares like a man, bareback!

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@BoBo1946 Not forgetting the viagra intake. Or to give them their medical name Mycoxafailin :¬D Just fooling around Bo, the jokes are free folks ;¬}

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I suppose you could say I ‘bought” a dental exam today.

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@ucme yeah, it was a question to have a little fun with…i like fun.

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I wanna know about this firing, @lucillelucillelucille !!!!

I bought crayons, markers, and pencils on the cheap! Awww yeahhh.

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@SundayKittens—Love that stuff! Hopefully,it will go well…yes,I am excited about horse shit—XDXDXD

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Does paying my therapist count as buying something? If not, I bought a tea on way to therapy and that’s it.

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A battery for my broken portable phone, gas, and some t-shirts at the consignment shop.

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Didn’t go out at all today! But yesterday, I bought some Zantac and a ps2 game!

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lighter fluid? my grill eats it i guess

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Gas & Corona. lol

I have a stocked fridge and pantry right now, plenty of fancy feast for the little pussies and soooo, the only neccessities are fuel and beer. haha


I used to sculpt and miss pit firing parties. I had some really cool Raku vases and my life size torso of a woman that I donated to a local lingerie shop as a window model. She was hot! I love driving by and seeing what they dressed in her every month or so. Last time was a leopard print bikini! lol

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The food was chicken noodle soup and OJ. The rest was cold medication and vitamin C supplements. Oh the joys of being sick.

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I was down most of July with some crazy summer virus thing, two years of nothing and then….make up time I guess! lol
Hope you feel better soon.

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Not today, but recently bought Into the Woods by Tana French. Jeruba’s recommendation, can’t wait to read it!

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@Coloma wow, sorry to hear that…I’m glad you’re feeling better, though! And thanks :)

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Curtains, a cabinet, and a lantern.

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Gasoline for the vibratory roller mentioned in another post.

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I bought nothing today, but that’s mostly because my husband is the shopper in our family. I believe he brought home some food.

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Hmm.. a shoe rack for my closet at school.
A manicure/pedicure (not really an item, but I still purchased it)

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I bought a sofa! (Used off Craig’s List – got a great deal too!)

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If you had asked this question yesterday, I’d have said sandals, to replace the ones some bitch stole at the gym. Write this down kids: no matter how fancy your gym is, always leave all of your belongings in a locked locker.

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@bob_ eww I would not want somebodies elses sweaty ishy sandles. Yuck! Sorry to hear that.

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@Frenchfry I KNOW, right?

* shakes head disapprovingly *

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The day is young and I am on my way out to go shopping with my daughter who needs to buy a gift for someone.

I don’t need anything but…thats never stopped a woman. lol

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