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I don’t know, but how cool would an online scratch n’ sniff be?

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Unfortunately I do not know the name, but I sympathize with you. Just last week I spent about an hour paging through this site trying to find an old bottle of cologne that I loved but had forgotten the name.

You’re lucky. You can just take your bottle into a shop and they should be able to help identify it.

Or This came up. Take the names and plug them into Google images.

Good Luck.

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Mine was Michael Kors!

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thanks guys i found it. apparently its not a men cologne at all. Its a perfume by Gwen Stefani called L.A.M.B damn!

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It’s not a men’s cologne….it’s LAMB by Gwen Stefani. I have it sitting on my bureau. It’s actually an okay fragrance (if you like wild out of control florals…which I do.)

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