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What are effective ways to convey emotion through text?

Asked by okc405 (255points) March 25th, 2008

I’ve never been good at writing effectively, I always miss points and leave climaxes in my writing dead ended. When I’m on fluther I just type as if i was speaking to someone but I feel there has to be a better ways to convey emotion through my writing… Like now i feel that there is more I can write to shapen the ends of my sentences but im stuck.

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“bitches love smiley faces” just use a bunch of smileys.

no im can use adjectives to describe the way it feels, like the emotion. as if it were like “warm love” or something.

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lol, “warm love” makes me think of apple pie

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yeah it sort of does but you could try using different things and have friends read them to see which way conveys emotions best, even internet friends could help…

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but what does apple pie mean to you? for me, whenever i eat apple pie, i think of warm, nurturing companionshp. so, i can make a chain with warm love—>apple pie—>nurturing, companionship

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@ zack
a vagina

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hahaha, apple pie makes me think of vagina too!

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