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Where do parrots go when they escape?

Asked by josie (28695points) August 31st, 2010

I have known two people in my life that had pet parrots. In each case one parrot escaped from the house and flew away. I wonder where they go? Do other people capture them and make them as pets. Do they die? Do they make their way back to the Amazon? The same question applies to cockatiels.

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Treasure Island.

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They go to the Lost Parrot Bar – n – Grill and drink until they just don’t care anymore.

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There is one living randomly in the trees in our park – he’s a non-conformist.

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Brooklyn. The city now has several flocks of the birds living in the wild (so-called) year around.

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Hyde Park, Chicago has a colony which began with escapees. I saw a few of them Sunday.

I’ve also seen a parrot flock in Hermosa Beach CA.

A lost parakeet (budgie) found me one day on a picnic. I kept him for a couple of years, hopefully he found a safe home after he escaped out my back door,

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In the U.S., there are a fair amount of them in Florida. Link

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Parrot Bay or Jimmy Buffets house.

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There is an alternate reality to which all parrots aspire. The great Foo bird rules over all from his roosting place in the large pagean-tree. (Anthony, P) It gives off stirring marches and sometimes ravels Bolero when the braanches are shaken just right, and has streamers billowing everywhere. Nearby is the more precise geome-tree(Anthony, P)
New parrots are greeted amid a raucous din and flurry of feathers, then the squawking begins anew. For some reason, they all say “Raaauchhhh, Captain Stubing is a jerk!”

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@Trillian I figured that was it…But thanks for affirming.

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If they’re in San Francisco they go to Telegraph Hill.

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I’m here to help, brother.

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@AstroChuck That film is da bomb if you’re a bird or animal enthusiast!

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Depends on the species and your environment/climate. Some species like parakeet have been known to escape their humanized sanctuary and live in the wild near human habitation. I know there are some colony of parakeet in some state of US. If it’s a smaller species it’ll probably blend in nearby group of another bird foraging for food.

Some of them would not survive their first day,whether they’re eaten by predators,disease,starvation,etc.

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@AstroChuck I loved that movie!

That was going to be my answer, too.

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South Pasadena.

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Wow. Apparently, if this thread is any indication, escaped parrots go pretty much wherever the hell they want to go. That’s really nice to know; nice to know that once they’re free they go off, wherever their hopes and desires takes them and live out their dreams. Or they just end up in Pasadena, waiting tables. That would be kind of sad.

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Well the randy females sneak off for a cock-atoo, if you follow my meaning ;¬}

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Given that parrots only want the basic necessities of avian life and can repeat names, many of them get jobs as after-hours security guards at pet stores. ;-)

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Most die. A few are recaptured. And if they’re in a warm enough climate, they occasionally establish wild colonies (California and Florida seem to top the list).

“Escaped or released pets rarely contribute to establishing feral populations. Escapes typically involve only one or a few birds at a time, so the birds do not have the protection of a flock and often do not have a mate. Most captive-born birds do not possess the necessary survival skills to find food or avoid predators and often do not survive long without human caretakers. However, in areas where there are existing feral parrot populations, escaped pets may sometimes successfully join these flocks”
Feral parrots

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During an earthquake in the 1980’s, parrots from a zoo escaped and instead of a tragic end they went on the thrive in the palms of South Pasadena and are now all over Pasadena and Altadena. I figure any refugee parrot would find it’s way there :)

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@Brian1946 LOL. I think you may be on to something.

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They find a pirate’s shoulder to live on. If there aren’t any pirates, then a ninja. If not a ninja, then a Naruto fan that constantly wears a ninja headband. After that it goes downhill from there.

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