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What would you need to say in order to update your profile (here or anywhere else)?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) August 31st, 2010

I haven’t updated my profile in a long time—a year perhaps? It contains stuff important to me when I wrote it, but out of date now. I’ve noticed some other people with profiles written around the same time I wrote mine that also remain unchanged. I wonder what they would say now? What would they say if they wrote something that was actually descriptive of who they are?

When did you last update your profile? Is it very descriptive of you, or is it kind of jokey or evasive? Is it different (in spirit, not literal wording) from profiles you put on other websites? Why is it the way it is? How would you change it to make it truly descriptive of you?

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Nothing. I’m not really a profile kind of girl, thus it perpetually says “Add topics to your profile, and we’ll be able to give you interesting questions!” at the top of the page anytime I get onto fluther.

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I just updated mine a few weeks ago when I finished my BSN. I added that to it because it’s something I worked hard on and I’m proud of getting it done. My profile is a brief, accurate account of who I am.

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I update it once in a while so that the kids’ ages are correct but the rest stands true still. If something will no longer feel right, I’ll delete it.

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i would add a donate button


Not much to change. Still in my early 30s. Still the same hobbies and interests. However, I am cycling now, which I haven’t done in 10 years. It’s a new part of my exercise regimen, which includes my usual daily swim (10 lengths in the pool).

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Meh…nothing new for me. Still pluggin away….

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I added some interests…two days ago

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I got my username changed a few days ago so I put ”- the 1113” on my profile to clear things up for some people.

I change what I write when something new comes up, or when I’m not really interested in something I had wrote before.

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I don’t really fill any of them out.

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I’m still living in that van ;)

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Mine is exactly the same as the day I joined (2+ years ago) which is exactly the same profile I use on Facebook.

I’m a pretty consistent guy. Nothing too exciting going on.

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