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With over 10000 answers, make way in the Lurve Castle of 20K. How shall we get the party started?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33152points) August 31st, 2010

Ring the bells! Bang the gongs! JLeslie has arrived in the 20K castle!

What’re you bringing to the party?

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Wow, 20k. Congrats!! :)

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Chuck Norris lives in fear of @JLeslie!

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J J Bo Bay!!!!

Congrats, my wise jelly!!!!
Let’s party!!!!

Where’s the champagne??

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All right. It’s great to have you in the castle and the collective. Congrats!

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Way to go jleslie!!! You are the best. Congrats

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Way to class up the place! You are quite the admirable admiral, @JLeslie.

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Wow that is amazing! Congratulation!

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YAY! Congrats!

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Nice going, @JLeslie!

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Congratulations! :)

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You are a solid Jelly @JLeslie!

I’ll float around here with you any time. Congratulations!

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Hooray JLeslie!!!

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You’re such a great addition to fluther and I’m glad that you’ve made it into the 20k castle. :)

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JLeslie I always knew you had it in you!

Enjoy the Castle, but don’t forget us poor serfs out here. :-)


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Congrats, @JLeslie! Onward to 30K…

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Excellent! Nice work there kiddo.

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Congratulations, nice job ;-)

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Wow! Congratulations. Enjoy the many splendors of the castle @JLeslie, I suspect they’ve created a wonderful, interesting space for you there, where your can continue to be the wonderful and interesting person that you are here!

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Congratulations to a very delightful and always interesting jelly.

See ya….....Gary/wtf

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Congrats, girlie! You’ve been a great jelly. :D

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Farfel Shikse Oy, I meant mazel tov!

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Congrats Sport! 10,000 answers….Wow..

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You’re always the voice of reason, and your flowers brighten up the mansion. Congrats.

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Congrats on the 20 grand!! Fun stuff!

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Congrats on the 20! I’m deeply impressed by the depth of your involvement here.

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One of my faves! Smart and to the point and I love that we get to chit-chat on Facebook!! (You know all about ‘cookies!’ hee hee!)

Congrats, girl!!

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Congratulations @JLeslie, great work!

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Stupendous! Congratulations!

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Always glad to read you! Congrats!

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Woo hoo! Congrats! I love reading your interesting, thoughtful posts.

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WooHooo! Nothing like waking up to a great partay. Congratulations on 20K \0/

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Well deserved congratulations for a great contributor to Fluther!
Your words are a pleasure to read, @JLeslie, well done.
Enjoy the festivities!

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Wow! Way to go @JLeslie!
A great Jelly to have around!

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Awww, thanks everyone. What a wonderful surprise to find this Q this morning. Lurve to everyone of course. My parties usually involve dancing and lots of food, should be great time in the castle tonight.

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Congratulations @JLeslie!!! Keep on lurvin’!

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@JLeslie Congrats to a very special lady! :)

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Congratulations! Is Bob here? I brought extra sammiches.

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Well, ring-a-ding-ding! Welcome to the 20K club, @JLeslie! I thought you were here already, honestly.

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Congrats @JLeslie way to go to reach 20K Enjoy the party!
But like @aprilsimnel said, I thought you were already there too.

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Even if you can’t spell worth a darn, you are still one of the most thoughtful, genuine people on Fluther.

It’s a pleasure to welcome you here @JLeslie!

I will make you a bowl of matzoh ball soup (when the weather cools off) and in the meantime, wish you a hearty Mazel Tov on your accomplishment!

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How the hell did I miss this?!?!?!?!

Congratulations!!! I’m so glad you’ve stayed this long and I hope you stay for 20k more!

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Congrats J!!! I’ve been sooooo busy, but glad I had a chance to come on and catch this! Way to go! This is my congratulations song dance for you. (All the people in this video are really me. I had an excellent make-up crew and FX guys!! :)

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@janbb What do you mean she can’t spell worth a darn? How hard is it to spell worth a darn??? Of course she can spell worth a darn. W-o-r-t-h-a-d-a-r-n. Like that. Well, she can always cut and past too. Like this: worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn worth a darn So it’ll always be here if you need it @JLeslie. Don’t listen to @janbb!!

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@Dutchess_III You are so cute!

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Sorry I’m so late – I’ve been under the weather lately.

* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Oh yeah, this is so yotta, zetta, exa, peta, tera, giga, mega cool ! !! !!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!

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I was xtra nOOb when you ran thru your milestone line JLeslie, but now I want to salute you with all the respect and thoughtfulness you extend to others. Sincere contracts!

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