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Anybody on fluther have a real life?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) August 31st, 2010

Who here has a real life where you have a job or go to school? And who here is 40 years old and still lives with their parents?

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i’m 48, own a home on disability….
and you??

we are all ZOMBIES

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I’m 13, and not allowed to have a life.

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I am almost forty give or take a few. I am a housewife. I do have a life. I clean, take care of household business, a three year old, and a husband. This and games is my relaxation and sometimes I get lonely. This cures it. Hubby works hard and is gone alot. I also have insominia. I don’t sleep more then three or four hours at a time. I take short naps.why? I have been that way forever.

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No, I had one of those once and I didn’t like it.

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I am in my mid-30s, have a job (finally!), and am about to go to bed with my wife of over nine years so I can get up early, go into work, and shred some more steel with precision of <0.001”

My life has been pretty interesting, especially the early adulthood in the Navy and getting drunk on four continents. It’s not as exciting as it was back when I was seven feet tall and bulletproof with no regard for my liver, but it’s still a life.

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I’m 19(Be 20 soon) I got a job, was going to school but got things to care of right now.Knee surgery very soon should be a blast…..

Mostly since I ain’t in school I try and pick up shifts and save money. Still learning the market in general for long term investing purposes not to get rich.

Play guitar here and there, hang out friends and hit on girls that I like.Life is pretty simple for me right I like it,can’t complain could be worse…....but it feels VERY boring and repetitive as is it is now to be honest. Still considering the Air Force no doubt.

Fell on some hard times though so I had to move into a dungeon with this guy———->

It sure is fun I tell ya! XD

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@daytonamisticrip haha don’t worry You know I’m your age and I don’t have much of a life, I do make new friends from all around the world though if that counts? No job though just picking up newspapers for the neighbors and gets 25$ a month from them.

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Last week the two year period of unemployment that started when I graduated college ended. In those two years, I lived with my parents. But I never thought of that time as not having a “real life”. I worked on my novel every week, spent time with my fiance, did work around the house, read stacks of books, hung out with friends 2–3 nights a week, had all kinds of adventures, and taught myself a ton of new skills.

So, yes, I have a “real life”, but it doesn’t seem to differ so much from the other life. The biggest change is that my fiance and I can afford to move in together, but until we do, our time is scheduled. As is my writing time, which is almost as important to me.

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I’m 43, married, and have 3 teenage daughters. I own a home and a mini-van ugh. My job is being the community manager here at Fluther. I have an awesome real life. :D

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I’m 29. I work at a doctor’s office prn as a nurse. I’m married and have a son in 3rd grade. We live on a military post because my husband in is the Army (he’s currently in Iraq).

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“No, I had one of those once and I didn’t like it.”

Gotta give you your props on that one. Awesome answer.

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Wife, munchkin, family, two jobs, couple friends, cute puppy, neglected fish, bills.

That’s either a life or a reasonable facsimile of one.

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I’m 19, have a healthy social life and study full time at university. I also work part time, and just use Fluther recreationally to sharpen my wits and bounce ideas around in cyberspace.

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What is a LIFE?

Yes i do, Partner, his two kids, job,friends…and all in glorious 3D :)

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I do but it’s in transition at the moment…(which reminds me…I have a question to ask…)

I have a nearly 4 year old son, I’m a single mum, I’m doing a degree in Philosophy and Psychological Studies, I have a lot of dreams and ideas of a life that I would like to live but they have faded recently and they have almost disappeared, which I intend to change…bring them back to life…soon.

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I’m 19 and going to Stanford is my life right now. And I’ve always had a very active and fulfilling social life, despite the amount of time I’ve spent on sites like these.

As James Blunt once said, “my life is brilliant”. :)

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I do! ;-)

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I’m a young 63 and retired at age 57 after working for a major insurance company for 25 years. Also, was a coach and teacher for 11 years. I’ve a real life….and have the best job i’ve ever had…doing nothing!

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Yes, I’m in my mid-50’s. I work about 60 hours a week, have two grown children, like to listen to indie music, and wish I had @BoBo1946‘s current job.

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@BarnacleBill it will get here quicker than you can imagine!

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I had a great life at 13… in music….an awesome church choir that travelled every summer. My social life was okay. Dont think bills are so much fun.

the grass isnt always greener on the other side.

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I’m not 40 and my parents live a long long way away…but I have a real life…a real good life at that!

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Oh yeah!!! I have what can only be described as A KICK ASS LIFE!!!

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The coffee I’m drinking right now.- real
The child I’ll be helping get ready for school.- real
The dishes I’ll be washing.- real
The bills I need to pay.- real….ugh!
The weeds I need to pull.- real
The clothes I need to wash and pack because we’re moving soon.- real
The last book I need to order for my oldest son in college.- real….again, ugh!
The meal I need to plan for dinner.- real
The shopping I need to do for this meal.- real

I could go on but I need to get my daughter ready for school now.

almost 40, not living with parents

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I own a house, I manage a hospital, I’m in a relationship, I work out, I travel, and I have plenty of hobbies. I left my parents’ house to go to college and occasionally visit them.

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I am saving up for a house (I rent now), I have a great job (teach 3rd grade), I have good friends, a loving family and an awesome girlfriend.

And, no, I am not a 500lbs man who lives in his parent’s basement.

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I’m 23. I rent a house that’s extremely nice with my photographer cousin and another friend who is a student. I’m unemployed so I spend my days looking for a job, keeping my house spotless, playing/recording music, taking care of my puppy and every 2–3 weeks, I go see my artist for some new skin art.

It’s real enough for me.

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My life is kickin’, but I love Fluther so I find the time.

I WISH I were 40 and lived in my mama’s basement. Think of the possibilities.

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I’m 20 and I live with three suitemates on campus (who are philosophy, computer science, and pre-med students) at a tiny, private liberal arts college where I’m studying history so I can go work for the Department of Defense, or the CIA, or be a safari guide or something. I have a 23 year old architecture student girlfriend who goes to the big state university and I have a few pets back at home. I just started a band and I’m working as a peer mentor for freshmen to get them adjusted to college life….

Oh, and I give guitar lessons.

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I am 46. Sit at a desk (feet up) and make all my employees do EVERYTHING.

Unless I am on my couch (in my office) taking a nap.

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i’m a fresh 21 year old so chhhhhyeaaaaaah. i work at a falafel restaurant in Boulder with a bunch of mexicans who like dancing just as much as I do so that is essentially what i do at work. dance to arabic music and serve up some gyros and falafels. i go to karaoke as much as i can because i’m addicted. TONIGHT: papa was a rolling stone. i spend a lot of free time cuddling with my cat that i recently got, Barry. he is my pride and joy. my boyfriend is an english teacher so i spend my evenings with him and we just moved in together and it’s amazing. we are very proud parents. By parents I mean cat parents I live 1600 miles from all my friends and family, and I guess that is the only down side. I miss them. But that just means I spend more time baking!

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I say road trip to Boulder!

I am hungry.

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@ChazMaz Barry is so excited to see you! I’ll put a pie in the oven.

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I’m a….ooomph, ackkk, arggggh! thump (CIA redacted). Sorry, he got out of his straitjacket again.

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I live alone, and while I don’t have a life per se, I do have a reasonable fascimilie of a life and aspire to having a real one someday.

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I have a full time job. I don’t live with my parents. I’m over 40. I have two kids under the age of 15. I am a musician and do a gig usually once a week. I attend support group meetings for crazy people.

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I am in my 40’s, a single (engaged) mom of three tween boys and a full time student with two part-time jobs.

Ok, that’s not true, I am actually a real life version of this guy and I gotta run, I have papers to deliver before my WoW appointment later this afternoon.

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@SuperMouse I feel like this whole WOW thing is a conspiracy against me. I had two W’s tattooed on my ass years ago, so when I bend over it spells out WOW. Could they have possibly named that stupid game anything else? Every time I see that word my ass twitches. Every time.

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This is awesome! I am 23, recent grad school drop out (and really LOVE that title), living in a new city (9 months in) and have a great group of real life friends here and from home. I’ve moved away from home a few times (once to Florida, once elsewhere in NY and now to California) and I don’t plan on moving back home, ever. I am starting a business and looking for something more legit work wise (steady income would be nice). I have a great family back in NY that I miss dearly…. and for sure a “real” life although sometimes I just prefer to Fluther and being home. Sometimes I wish life was more interesting, and then when it is, it tends to be exhausting! I need balance.

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@daytonamisticrip after today, I’m beginning to wonder! Must be the water!

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Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality

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Life is just a fantasy, can you live this fantasy…

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I’m just a poor boy,
I need no sympathy.
Because I’m easy come, easy go, Little high, little low…

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Any way the wind blows (pewwww)
Doesn’t really matter to me… me

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I’m 43, married, with a grown-up child, a full time job, and a busy social life. Makes me wonder how I find time to Fluther at all… O.o

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I’m 21. Living with my SO of three years. Work full time. Go to school full time. I don’t go out much. No friends really. Exciting life? No, but it’s a life which I will make exciting one day =)

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I’m late but that’s nothing new!

I’m 65, live in paradise, work as much as I want to, play a lot, just started agility with my dingo dog, run, swim, do all sorts of art. But I do enjoy fluthering especially in the evening instead of telly.

Yep based on the above, I do have a real life.

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I’m over 40yrs old.

My mother lives with me.

My SO lives with me.

I have a job that keeps me about 70+ hrs a week.

Fluther lets me “play” with some of my friends and online acquaintances when I’m not playing off hours.

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Of course. But I don’t want to tell you because I don’t have to.

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Real life? No. It’s already finished. Waiting for another life and I believe or I hope that will be much better than this!

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Crikey. I turned 45 since I last posted in this thread. And I’m still just as busy as ever. Still making time for the fluthering though.

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