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Has anyone heard of the drink, Montana apple?

Asked by Zag_grad2010 (203points) September 1st, 2010

I was just wondering how many people have heard of a Montana apple? In Spokane, WA the bartenders know what it is because Montana isn’t far away. However, I am not sure an Orange County bartender will know.

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I think this is just a Washington Apple or an Oregon Apple or a California Apple, etc…Cranberry, Crown and Apple Pucker. It is drank as a shot or on the rocks as a drink.
There are about 100 variations of it.

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When I lived in Spokane it was all about the Washington Apple, but I’ve never heard of a Montana apple. Is it just an apple flavored drink? Makes me wonder if they’re all the same drink…

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I’ve never heard Montana Apple, I’ve only heard Washington Apple and I’m from Michigan

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GA to @judochop and if you want to make it, just mix the drink in a 2 parts Crown, 1 part each cran and pucker ratio.

or for a sweeter apple, 1:1:1

And taking it as a shooter definitely gives it a better flavor than sipping.

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