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Dominoes, Scrabble or chess which game would you play for relaxing competition?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) September 1st, 2010

Dominoes, Scrabble or chess, which game would you choose for a little relaxing competition? Dominoes are like chess but with numbers, chess is the ultimate strategy, people misunderstand Scrabble, they think it is a spelling game when it is just a word strategy game that involves spelling. Chess can take a long time, Scrabble you know has an end when all the tiles are gone and dominoes you decide how many points to win. Do choosing which game to play determined by time or how complicated it is to play or learn?

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What is this “relaxing competition”? I play tournament chess and tournament Scrabble, and there is nothing relaxing about it.

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Probably scrabble, because i like word games. Chess is too much thinking to be relaxing, hehe. I can’t really remember how to play a game of dominoes.

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Scrabble every time…I like words!! but rarely win…it teaches me humility although admittedly this is not relaxing!

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I used to play chess & found it just frustrated me… I guess I wasn’t so good at it :-/

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Dominoes is nothing like chess.

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Naked Dominoes is very relaxing.

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I find dominoes to be relaxing. I get to focused when playing Scrabble and Chess to actually relax.

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Dominoes is far more fun for me. The people I know are far too competitive when they play chess and suck the fun out of it completely. Scrabble – I’m just not very good at the game. Anyone can play a decent game of dominoes. My favourite game is chicken foot :) We play that often at my grandmother’s house.

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Scrabble. I do not compete against any but myself however. I’ll help you get the highest scoring word I can. Let me see your tiles.

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Scrabble. Words all the way.

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Dominoes!! Why i’d fairly knock the spots of any worthwile opponent by jove :¬)

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Dominoes. I find it to be less stressful than the other two.

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Scrabble, I am really good too.

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Dominoes. I love Scrabble, but it’s an intense, more strategic game. Not very relaxing.

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Scrabble here. I enjoy the challenge.

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Dominoes. It’s my least favorite of the three games you mentioned, but it’s the most relaxing.

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Scrabble. I’m really good at Scrabble and it’s one of my favorite board games.

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@Ben_Dover Dominoes is nothing like chess. Physically it is not. Mentally it is quite close because in order for you to make the better move you have to consider the counter of your opponent. Though the moves are simpler you have to anticipate what will come that you can’t see where in chess you can see avenues of possible attack. With dominoes you are trying to get your opponent to react to you and not visa versa, if your opponent sends you to the bone pile for more tiles if you know what you are doing you can make his choice to send you there a nightmare because you will have ammo to block his plays he may not have seen coming. Strategy wise a lot of similarities.

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Another Scrabble fan here. Love that game!

Chess not so much, dominoes not at all.

I had an old Scrabble games from the early 80’s that I kept for years with everyones alltime high scores. I can’t remember the word now but, I once had some amazing word on a triple word score zone….it was an outrageous score! lol

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Chess is better in my opinion because in principle it is devoid of chance. Things being chancy doesn’t help me relax much, although I do consider myself text-driven.

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I prefer chance to strategy.

Chance brings more laughs, strategy is too intense, no fun, gives you a headache and wrinkles! lol

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Out of those three, I would choose dominoes. I hate scrabble, and chess is way too stressful.

I actually prefer Yahtzee.

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@YARNLADY I am Yahtzee queen! Wait or is the Boggle queen. I can’t remember.

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My friends and I periodically have “game night” parties at each others’ houses, where we have various board games set up in different rooms, like Scrabble and Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit. I like Scrabble and Chess, but not too many people know how to play chess, and it requires intense concentration, making it a poor choice for a relaxing party game.

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Scrabble! I love word games!

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