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Dark Brown vaginal discharge, is this normal?

Asked by shoebox (517points) September 1st, 2010

A few days ago I had a small amount of spotting and just today I had very dark brown vagina discharge (like a poo colour). I’ve had more cramping recently and just want some advice of what might be going on…. The past week or so I’ve been talking to my fiance that I might be pregnant, we will be going to the doctors soon but we are just waiting to see if I miss my period ... I’ve taken a couple of pregnancy tests but I think it was too early since they came out negative… so I’m just giving it some more time… any advice is appreciated :)

ps: I’ve just started bleeding and cramping too…

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The dark brown discharge is most probably blood. Don’t hesitate to go see your GP and get checked out. Might be nothing to worry about but best to have piece of mind.

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Time to talk to your doctor.

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Yes, as @serafina said, the dark brown is usually blood, older blood. Spotting can happen during pregnancy, bright red bleeding and cramping is more worrisome in pregnancy.
I would talk to your Dr.

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If it is different from what you normally experience before or during your period, give your doctor a call. For me, some spotting (usually dark) is typical for a couple of days leading up to my period. Changes in your period can happen if you’ve recently stopped using birth control. Either way, discuss it with your doctor and he or she will tell if you if you need to go in for an exam.

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Seek Medical attention, don’t wait for a missed period.

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Its bright red blood…. and their is clotting and very bad cramping… I began to have cramping and sudden bleeding…. not good. :(

thank you to everyone whos left a comment, i appreciate your help!

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when i get my period it’s usually dark brown for about a day then it turns to normal colored blood. so thats normal for me, but i’m sure it’s not that way for everyone. is it possible that you were pregnant and that maybe the clotting, bad cramping, and sudden bleeding could have been a really really early miscarriage?

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From the little that i’ve heard/read on this topic elsewhere, it does sound like it may be a miscarriage…

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Well, seeing your doctor is obviously important, but there is another thing you should know:
In chinese medicine there is a syndrom called “liver qi stagnation”, these are just the symptoms: Heavy periods, with clotting, pain and cramps, usually would also have head ache or migrane tendancy, and sometimes these dark brown discharges just before the period.
Liver qi stagnation is a state caused by emotional stress, a person who suffers from it would be a person who has a lot of anger in them, sometimes over childhood experiences, tend to outbursts, over-reactivity, mild depression, feeling mistreated and/or deeply unsatisfied with their life. A worstening or new-arrival of these symptoms would have to do with emotional stress, sometimes when the person is not even aware how far the events of life are inflicting on them.

I might be way-off and definitly suggest seeing a doctor, but if any of this describes you, you might want to also turn to a chinese medicine practitioner. Also can PM me for some more information if you like :)

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@Marva thank you for the advice, I do have these symptoms…. no head ache… the blood is bright red and dark and so far it becomes heavys then light then heavy again and when its heavy it literally pours out not like a normal period…. and I was pregnant beforehand :(
your advice is greatly appreciated!

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@shoebox Very sorry to hear about your pregnancy.
Happy to hear my advice was helpful.
Since it is so, try and see these events as positive, your body has given you a gift: you can now treat yourself and find relief for the real problems troubelling you. You can turn this into a new begining of a more harmonious life in body and spirit. You will get pregnant again, in the most right time for you.

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@Marva that is very true, I will get pregnant again one day at the right time, and I’ll start relaxing and figuring out how to calm my body at the moment.. :)

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