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Does it seem to be the collective has lost it's frigging mind lately?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36555points) September 1st, 2010

Is it the end of summer, start of school, or some other reason the collective has turned mean spirited, cranky, or even nasty? I’ve only been on here since January, so maybe it’s a seasonal thing, but holy christ. I have never witnessed more vicious attacks on others. Can we try to be nicer and get along with each other a little more? Maybe a smile or two?

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Amen to that! There have been some great soup recipes posted recently, soothing and yummy. Let’s all go make soup.

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Nothing new here really…I have seen crabby selfish behavior at every “social” website I have ever visited.

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I must have missed the attack threads. Any links?

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I hadn’t really noticed a great deal of ‘mean spirited, cranky, or even nasty’, and when I do I usually just move along. I’m somewhat new and this is my first ever social website or Q&A site so I assume people are just like they are in real time, ‘mean spirited, cranky, or even nasty’.

You can ask that people try to be nicer and get along with each other a little more, but, those who are nice will stay nice, and those who aren’t will probably rebel even more. Is that somewhat understandable. I’m on my way to run errands;-)

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Why don’t you shut the…~ It does seem like that, but it is a thing that, not-regularly, rears its ugly head.
The reason?
Same as in every day life situations, a cosy conversation turns mean all of a sudden because one of the participants has a short fuse when a certain subject is raised.
Or someone comes along whose purpose it is to fuck stir up the peace.
Or hormones both male and female?
Summer turning into fall?
Note that i myself am not holier then the Pope either.

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I haven’t really noticed anyone being particularly mean. I would agree with rebbel about the situation generally.

Wait…if I don’t think it’s true…does that mean that I’M the one who’s being particularly mean or nasty?

That would be wack to find out this early in the morning.

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@marinelife – I always miss these shenanigans.

I haven’t noticed any trouble in River City, myself, so I’ll just attribute it to the natural flow of human relations. Sometimes, people simply aren’t nice to each other for whatever reason.

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It’s status quo around here. I don’t see any difference.

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I just ran into trouble right after I commented here! Ah, fitting timing.

Would anyone post to a thread and accuse everyone of ignorance in order to start debate?

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I admit that I was sucked in by Stranger_in_a_strange_land. I did not notice that it was the same girl he had posted that earlier thread about or the age difference. I automatically ignored the anal sex thread so i missed all of the drama.

What a mess!

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Why would you ignore something so tasteful?

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I still get riled up by the misuse of “it’s” and “its,” but have my impulses under better control. I missed the flap about Stranger (although I did have some private thoughts). And I am fascinated by what people reveal about themselves here.

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Flap about Stranger???? When did that happen?

Well, I can’t say I’ve noticed any additional crankiness or nastiness lately. The only time I ever notice crankiness around here is when I get cranky. But that is usually at the moderators, and I’m sure I don’t give them as hard a time as some others do.

So, as @marinelife said, could you provide links, please?

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It appears I was off to a crappy start and overreacted this morning, but I notice I got 5 GQs, so a few others must have thought along the same lines. Let’s make an effort to keep the attacks to a minimum is all I ask. I couldn’t post that question as a link for some reason. There’s a lot of info there, if you know what I mean.

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Ummmm…you guys only know a part of the story. But, age has tempered my mouth. Staying out of trouble. But, just itching to tell..there is a history lesson to be told.

Now, @Adirondackwannabe it’s not only the collective, I asked two questions this morning….and have no idea where they are! out in la la land chasing their a**es, i guess!

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I hid your questions and left you a series of clues to find them. The first clue is they are somewhere on the internet…....

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@iamthemob LOLL…oh shut up!

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Pssh…that’s not going to get you any closer, yo.

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loll hey, do you know what the story is here about Stranger? Send me a PM if you know!

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I’m in the dark (much like…you’re missing…questions…mwaa haa haa!)

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oh, i’m checking out a few things…will let you know.

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I agree with @tinyfaery. Every week someone says “oh, Fluther is not the same anymore, people are meaner/more stupid/less profound/less interesting”.

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Here is the Stranger link…all very odd, I must say.

And here is the previous Stranger issue:

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wow…crazy deal.

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I think Fluther is a microcosm of the world in general, liberally sprinkled with its (@gailcalled – howzat!!! That is cricket talk for how’s that) own share of cranks, nutcases, psychos and plain nice folks too. I chuckle at the crazies, ignore the cranks and psychos and enjoy the others.

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@rooeytoo Apparently, the trick is telling them apart (she said ruefully).

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It seems the same to me since I joined a little over a year ago. When I notice someone on the attack or being an asshole then I might or might not thank them for participating anyway if it’s in reply to a post or comment of mine. Other than that I usually stop following and move along. I do notice particular jellies are consistent in their abrasiveness but like someone else said, that’s anywhere.

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well, i just think the whole world is crazy except me.

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[mod says] Um, let’s stop naming names, folks.

Also, from a moderator’s perspective, yes… things have been crazy around here for several days! I’ve been practically tearing my hair out. Is it time for the full moon or something? Hopefully, the reason many of you haven’t noticed is because the mods are doing a great job at keeping things under control. Go team!

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Sho ‘nuff.

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Sho ‘nuff too!

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I don’t think so – so a couple of things finally blew up (been waiting for them to do so anyway) and a bunch of people left (for different reasons) but that’s not unusual. People realize this place isn’t for them and sometimes they come back and sometimes they don’t. That’s normal, as well. I don’t think people have been nastier but that’s not saying much as nastiness happens a lot on here. But, then again, maybe I’m missing some other threads of drama.

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@marinelife – that is so true, hehehe.

@BoBo1946 – No you are not alone, I am the other sane one!!!

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Maybe. But luckily,I usually try to use my extra accounts if I’m going to propose very sensitive issue or the one that may invite attack from others. But they’re gone now.

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@augustlan Actually, yes, it was time for the full moon, Aug 24

Is it time for this question, yet again? I’ve been on the internet for about 4 years now, and this question seems to pop up every few weeks.

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. People who get crabby, mean or nasty are those who can’t make their case so they get frustrated and take the path of least resistance, nasty insults. If you have a sound stance or opinion you should be able to make it confidently and civilly. Or if someone should phrase something the way you did not like or –have a maxim you don’t understand or get, just ignore it and focus on what is behind it.—

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I’m currently dealing with someone who decides stating my ideas are ridiculous (in whatever language s/he chooses) and that I apparently believe in some form of extremism because of my contrary arguments. Then, goes on to say the opposite of my statements.

I reference some documents showing my position. This person does not. Have people started to encounter stuff like this?

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@iamthemob Is this in a question thread? If so, send me a link to the Q via PM.
If someone is personally attacking you, make sure you flag it so the mods can check it out. If it’s just strong debate with no supporting documentation, yeah, that does happen sometimes.

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@rooeytoo loll okay Roo….there are two of us.

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@BoBo1946 I was beginning to think so too. Or maybe not. lol. And yes, jonsblonde is gone for now.

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why….one of the best gone. that bothers me. don’t like to see “true blue friends” leave. they are hard to find these days. Jonsblond always reached out to others. Good heart.

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@jonsblond is taking a break. She will be back.

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Ahh…, that is what i’m talking about!

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