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Who would you want to Narrate your life?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) September 1st, 2010

So with everything you have achieved (or not) throughout your life some nutter decides to make a film about you, who would you want to be the voice of your life!
Morgan Freeman is out (he’s a given).

I think I’d go with Sir David Attenborough.

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Joe Peschi or Daffy Duck.

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James Earl Jones
John O’Hurley
Brian Griffin
But I still insist on Morgan Freeman

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Sean Connery

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Damn i would have wanted Morgan too, erm…I’ll settle for Kevin Spacey then.

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I suppose Sir Stephen Hawkings would be original :D

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Wait, Sean Connery is a guy.

Kylie Minogue is going to get old :’(

Guess I’ll go with Emma Watson reading from a script.

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William Shatner. like duh

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Dennis Haysbert, the All State spokesman, or the first black president on “24”.
For a woman I would choose Ellen DeGeneres.

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Jennifer Saunders.

Or Cicely Tyson.

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Christopher Walken.

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Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. “Heh, heh, eeexxxcellent!”

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Jerry Lewis as the Nutty Professor. EEEEE Glaven!

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Kathleen Turner

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Oh without a doubt the only man for that gig is Movie trailer voice guy!! Only one up to the task! :¬)

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Uh, @ucme, dude. He’s dead. As of last year.

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@aprilsimnel No shit Sherlock!! Uh, dudette i’m aware of that. It really don’t matter, the guy can do a Lazarus. He’s that awesome!

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Sir Ken Robinson from the TED talk conferences.

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I know you said Morgan Freeman was out…but I think that he’s actually contractually obligated to narrate everything that happens everywhere ever…

…but in a world where that were not true…Bobcat Goldwaite. I have no idea how to spell his name…but I want him to talk my life…

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@marinelife YES. ♥!!!

Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Jim Dale, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jon Hamm would also make my short list.

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Weird Al, as the White and Nerdy guy.

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Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, James Earl Jones,

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Thanks! :-) I just hope there wasn’t milk involved.

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@free_fallin…or Bill Clinton.

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@erichw1504 heh Not for me. Clinton’s voice irks me.

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Michael Cera would have been appropriate up until recently.

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Jesse Eisenberg <3hehe or my theater arts teacher, Mrs. Pointer lol

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Morgan fuckin Freeman.

i can listen to that man talk for days

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@uberbatman – Anyone but Morgan Freeman mate!

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That lady who gives all the navigation commands. She is such a friend, and she never cares if I follow her directions or not. She’s so nice she deserves the job!

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@Mat74UK my bad, i didnt read the details, i fail. But ya know what, dont care, cause morgan freeman is that bad ass :P

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Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget.

“You may have won this round but I’ll get you next time, Gadget. ”

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I love Morgan Freeman.
So him.

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Sigourney Weaver.

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Willem Dafoe.

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Crap! I can’t have Morgan Freeman. Josh Turner.

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Gotta be, Michael Douglas

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Nicholas Cage or Edward Norton
If a girl then Liv Tyler

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Scarlett Johansson or Lily Allen.
@free_fallin I love you for saying Bill Murray.

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Sandra Bullock. She’s great at getting across humor pointed at herself and passion about a certain topic with just her voice.

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@chels I freaking love Bill Murray!

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Would have to be Harry Nilsson for me. Still use The Point to get my kids to sleep, so they’d be used to the sound of his voice.

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Ryan Reynolds as Van Wilder.

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Sam Elliott

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Cecil B. DeMille !

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John Cleese. :-/

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George Carlin

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Fred Willard.

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Sam Elliott – just love that man’s voice.

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Sean Bean.

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Jeffery Ross

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Patrick Stewart. Make it so.

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@Rufus_T_Firefly AH! Love him. Star Trek ftw!

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Catherine Deneuve

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I would choose Stephen Frye (@macbean – maybe we can share him) or Jeremy Clarkson, he is such a smart mouth, you have to love him or maybe hate him.

That said, @wundayatta gets the prize for the best answer!!! You are lucky though, my guy, Brandon is his name, gets really annoyed when I disobey, you can just hear the irritation in his voice or am I being paranoid???

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could i get Charlie Chaplain to perform my life story perhaps?...or ya know maybe Downey Jr. doing chaplain.

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George Cloony (: i love his voice haha

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btw, Cecil B. DeMille directed and narrated the Ten Commendments. I’ve always thought he had an awesome voice.

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I liked the voice of the narrator of the life of Will Ferrell in the movie Stranger than Fiction.

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Peter Jones would be pretty cool too.

He was “the book” in the hitchhikers series.

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Steve Carell as Micheal Scott

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John Hurt, Frank Langella, Donald Sutherland, Kevin Spacy, Sally Kellerman

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I just thought of Michael Caine, he would be good too.

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Christian Bale in his “bat voice”.

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The voice in my head is doing a pretty good job so far.

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