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IPhone or the blackberry curve?

Asked by JP (18points) March 25th, 2008 from iPhone

iPhone, blackberry curve

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easily one of the dumbest comparisons ive ever read. iPhone all day. Features and functional

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only thing the ‘wackberry’ has on the ifone is picture SMS… Other than that, its all ifone.

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Oh, iPhone for sure. That’s not even a legit question. Seriously, sleek awesomeness or fat, bulky plastic…ness.

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now y iPhone? What does it do better then the blackberry?

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Iphone is the best gadget I have bought for years. I have had my moneys worth already. I can’t seem to put it down?

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It depends on what you want it to do. Currently the iPhone cannot do Exchange or other major business applications that the BlackBerry can do. I have friends who have iPhones and BlackBerrys respectively. If you are a business man that wants good Exchange integration go with the BlackBerry, if you want an workable nice device go with the iPhone, but wait until the AppStore is released and mess around with someone else’s iPhone and someone’s BlackBerry. Some prefer the real keyboard over a multi touch screen and keyboard. It is all preference, besides wait for the 3G iPhone it will be so much better than the current EDGE version.

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iPhone has better Internet than any blackberry, and it is Wi-Fi enabled. It also has the best iPod ever built right in, far superior to the music player that is found on a blackberry. Also the screen resolution is very good, better than any blackberry. But above all, the UI is the best on ANY mobile device.

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No brainer: iPhone!!!

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I have an iPhone and a Blackberry 8830. After about a week, I forwarded the Blackberry to the iPhone and haven’t turned it on since. Usability is terrible, and unless your organization has a Blackberry Enterprise Server to go with Exchange, email is no better. For handling multiple email accounts, I would say that the iPhone is better.

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Y iPhone internet,phone,touch,sms,youtube,iPod,webapps,stylish,FLUTHER,fandango, best electronic thing you can have

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Not only that, but iPhone will be getting push email/full exchange abilities in June. Business class consumers will drop the crackberries.

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