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How do you know why you earned an award in Fluther?

Asked by BonusQuestion (1482points) September 1st, 2010

I know some awards are supposed to be earned and the speficis are not disclosed in public. I am not asking for specifics. I just want to know why I earned an award. Is it possible?

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Which award specifically are you asking about?

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Sometimes you do… Sometimes you don’t.

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If you go here, you’ll see the awards that have descriptions. The others are meant to be puzzles that you must figure out on your own.

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@marinelife It’s just a general question. I thought somebody said if you earn them you would know how you got it, but I have “pilgrim” and have no idea how I got it.

@syz, Thanks but I am talking about the secret ones. I thought after earning them it would tell me how I earned them, but I guess not.

How would I figure out on my own?

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I don’t know why I got most of those I have. Coincidence of timing gave some away, and I remembered for that long, but couldn’t tell you now. I have no interest in the awards and wouldn’t miss them if they all vaporized.

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@BonusQuestion The only way to really figure them out is to pay attention to what you were doing shortly before you got the award.

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@BonusQuestion Pilgrim is one of the awards that they don’t tell you how you earn.

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@BonusQuestion Since the awards don’t have any value, they’re meant to be fun. If you don’t like riddles, just ignore them. (I do – when I couldn’t figure out some of them, I felt so inadequate, I quit paying any attention. But I’ve never been one for riddles.)

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Since realizing the answers to some of the awards are to be figured out, I’m up for the challenge. I love puzzles and dammit I’m going to figure it out! Sooner or later:D

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What—* sigh * said.—

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@syz, I don’t have any problem with riddles. I like them, but I just wanted to make sure I am not missing something.

Thanks for the answers, folks.

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I like some particular awards more than other awards. Some are special and will give you the ability for ‘something’,not telling,but that’s I’m looking for.

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~ I unlocked one award and found that I had mod powers!

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@BonusQuestion Since you actually have the award, if you PM me, I’ll tell you why. But keep it to yourself, ya’ hear? :D

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~Also unlocking the troll award instantly bans you. Perhaps it is best not to try for that one~.

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Thanks @augustlan. Somebody already messaged me with the info. :)

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I have a couple of those secret awards. I figured out (roughly) what feeding-frenzy means, though I don’t know the specific number(s) involved. I have pilgrim too, but no idea how I got that. I’m not smart enough to work riddles out.

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