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How wide is the average breeze?

Asked by Nullo (21968points) September 1st, 2010

If you were to measure the area that a breeze affects, that is. Across the path, not along it.

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I would expect it to depend on a myriad of factors ranging from weather to topography to geographical location. And I would expect a general average to be pretty much meaningless. But maybe someone else knows more.

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Weather fronts cover huge areas. Just look at the size of this one.

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this link shows the wind streak lines for the San Francisco Bay Area. it fascinates me how locations very close to each other can be affected differently by wind because of the terrain. I live in a narrow ( ¾ mile wide) valley in the East Bay Hills, the breeze can be quite strong in the center of town and non existent a quarter mile away where I live.

Get to Nevada, though and there can be no wind shelter for miles.

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Breezes usually only occur on street level and are, in meteorologists circles, known as windforce 0.5.
They can range from 1.2 yards up to 4 yards when measured in city areas, and form 2.8 yards to 12,2 yards in rural areas.
Their chill factor depends on the person undergoing them, is he/she sweaty, then it can feel like 14 degrees celsius.
A dry person, however, ususally gives them a factor of 16.33 degrees.

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First ,one must determine the width of the average arse ;)

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