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Why did you join Fluther, and why do you come back?

Asked by zweinz (63points) September 1st, 2010

And who would you recommend or not recommend Fluther to? (Why / why not?)

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I joined because I was moving 3,000 miles away and wanted to know more about the area. I fell in love with Fluther because it’s so great and the people here are helpful and wonderful and smart!! I keep coming back because I, Samantha Rae, am addicted to Fluther.

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I joined because Answerbag started to suck and I needed a place to satisfy that deep part of myself that likes to debate over trivial things and answer and ask questions.

I stayed originally because it was fun, I learned a thing or two occasionally, and it was a good distraction. I stay now, for all these reasons, but I’m also a mod now, so it’s kind of my responsibility to be around from here on out!

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I joined Fluther because I wanted some answers to some questions. I was so tired of cosmogirl. ASK. it was just so boring.

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Because crack is unhealthy.

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All the cool kids were doing it.

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Stay here long enough and all your questions will be answered.

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No clue on either question.

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I joined when another q&a site I was on shut down and a lot of us migrated her and lately, it’s not so much that I keep coming back as it is that don’t seem to leave in the first place.

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Welcome to Fluther!

I found the site by searching the internet for an answer as to why there are so many shoes on roads. After seeing some of the other questions posted and reading some of the answers, I haven’t been able to give it up.

While the internet is invaluable for looking up some things, there are a lot of sites and articles that are one-sided. Fluther allows for all different viewpoints and tidbits of information not found otherwise.

As for recommending this site to others, I might mention it to a few. What I’ve learned though is that most of my friends have different ways that they like to garner information, and some have no interest in sharing tips to strangers. Some have a fear of the internet in general and a few of spam, identity theft and creepy people specifically. As we all learn in life…to each his own.

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They substituted my preferred narcotic with Fluther one day. Now I’m hooked.

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I joined fluther initially to keep interaction with members I’d come to know from but have also come to feel the a lot of the same community with the jellies. I keep coming back because while I could banter back and forth via chat with a few people I email, fluther invites topics we may not think up on our own and the perspectives of the group spurn off more conversations. Fluther is a gift that keeps on giving.

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What @Neizvestnaya said would be my actual answer.

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I found Fluther by accident last March during a bout of serious jet lag, the rest is history. lol

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I came to Fluther after a friend asked my opinion about some answers she was given to a question of hers. After reading her question, I looked around for a bit and decided to sign up. I’ve been hooked ever since.

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I originally joined because I was in a foreign country and wanted to speak English with people that understood it. I was also a member of AnswerBag which was “improved” so much that it became unusable.

I stayed because some of my former AB members switched here and the questions and answers are stimulating and make me think. When you get older, you need the intellectual stimulation.

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Probably 25 or 30 of my friends came here from Answerbag when it made the “big change for the worse!” Why do i keep coming back? Ummm…I’ve friends here. Most of the AB people did not stay. They did not like the strict guidelines here. On answerbag, there is a lot more freedom. That is a good thing and a bad thing. The old answerbag was LOTS of fun. Not anymore…like a ghost town.

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A bunch of us came here from Askville, when too much drama was happening there. This was the kind of place Askville had been, and so quite a few of us stayed.

I like answering questions. I like saying things and having people appear to take me seriously. It is a novel experience and one I don’t seem to be able to get enough of. I like thinking about things and refining my thinking about issues that keep coming back.

I used to make friendships here, but I had a bad experience with one of those, so I’ve stopped doing that. Funny thing. It used to be that people would fall out of cracks in the walls when I was open to such things. Now that I’m not, no one talks to me at all (privately, I mean). At least, not about anything of personal importance.

I guess my point is that at one time this served as a place to make friends. It is no longer that way for me, any more, and sometimes I miss that. It is still worth it for other reasons, though.

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1. Knowledge
2. The sense to help others.
3. To enjoy different environment/a substitute for another sites when you feel ‘enough’ of them.
4. Popularity.

To be honest with you I recently feel that I’m going to leave fluther for sure (I’m sure some people really love if I do that,but I’m not going to do any favor for them).

I had,recommend fluther to my sister but she rarely use it since It’s not a place with her style,and my other friends as well,but they too,don’t like this site for the same reason. Maybe they can’t speak English but all of them prefer Yahoo!Answer as their choice.

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I found this site completely by accident. I browsed around and felt as if I’d finally found ‘my people’. I never left. Now, I work here!

I’ve recommended Fluther to a few people who’ve joined and stayed. A few others found it just wasn’t for them. The people I’m most likely to recommend it to are smart, articulate, and curious. Being passionate about politics doesn’t hurt, either.

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I came across this site purely through a search on google for something else and it led me here. I have only been here a short while and up to a few days ago i would have said that it was the best site of it’s kind on-line. But what i have experienced in the past few days i am seriously considering leaving it…

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Gadzoks, Yahoo Answers started acting like the KGB, and AB changed its format to some defuse, hodge podge of mess, so here I am.

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I joined because I didn’t want to use my one question per week to ask about a softcore porn show from the 90’s on ask.metafilter.

I stayed for Allie and Riser.

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@zen_ I think I can answer for you. I’m what’s up. I have this wonderful capacity of making a horse’s ass out of myself. @serafina Please don’t leave because of me. I’ve had a lousy week all around, especially with my judgement on here.

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I joined looking for an alternative to Askville.

I have returned because Askville has made some interface changes that render it virtually unusable for the open discussion of questions and proposed answers.

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I was using StumbleUpon and a question from fluther came up. I checked it out, searched around the site, and decided to jump in. This is my first experience with a social networking site. I’ve stayed away from sites like these thinking they were too juvenile for me. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by fluther.

I come back for the people. The people I communicate with in the chat rooms, twitter and AIM have found a special place inside my heart. I feel I’ve made friends that will be with me for years.

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I googled something one day, and a Fluther entry was on the search results. I checked in every now and then, but a few months ago I became hooked.
I feel a strange, family-like attachment to everyone here and that keeps me hooked! nerrrrrrrrrrd

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I joined Fluther during the great AB defection of ‘09. I occasionally come here as my questions are generally not answered well, I can’t ask funny ones, and some get “mod-ed.”

I was a bit ticked at the waste of time in this question:
Was infrared photography (videography) used in any of these 3 music videos?

I rarely go to AB.
While I have some positive feelings about this place, it’s less so over there.

I’m spending most of my time at Wikipedia and RationalWiki, where I might compose an article about this site.

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