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What's your favorite scene from "The Breakfast Club"?

Asked by iamthemob (17147points) September 1st, 2010

Everyone’s seen this movie. If you haven’t, you’re a Communist, and the Feds are on their way. :-)

But seriously, I’m watching it now and came upon one of the more unique scenes, and realized that it was my (new) favorite.

What sticks out for other people, and why? Why do you think it still matters?

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This line.

I knew exactly how she felt when I first saw the movie. Love all the classic scenes that have been references, affectionately parodied, etc. But this exchange is going to follow me. Speaking of John Hughes, why didn’t I think of him in the director post? It still hasn’t really hit me that he has passed away. His films were basically my childhood.

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Lunch. Kids really do eat some weird things. (I still have a crush on Judd Nelson)

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Oh, so many favorite scenes! I’ll have to think about it.

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I have to say, I love the dancing montage. Totally 80s, totally cheesy, which of course is what makes it awesome.

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Well the movie is a little overrated ouch!!! I believe this is better funnier anyway

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okay…but unless you’re gonna say why you think it’s overrated…what’s up with that yo?

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This is a fave and also when Judd Nelson yells, “Smoke up Johnny”!!
I love this movie because it is just good ol writing and acting and a slice of american teenage life in the 80’s.

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memorable and constantly parodied.

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and the dance scene.

But this is my favorite.

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That’s what I do when I leave everyplace all the time.

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@chels Possible the best summation in a film that I’ve seen.

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I love the ending when all the opposite-attracted kids say goodbye, and when John Bender walks off to the strains of (I think) Simple Minds.

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I love the ending scene when they all say goodbye to each other as well, but I also love the scene when they’re all dancing in the library lol

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My new favorite scene is between the janitor and the monitor in the basement. I never realized how it tied everyone together before…

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oh god I love this movie how can I choooseee

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@tragiclikebowie you gots to figure it out, yo

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In college (mid 90’s) they showed this movie and the sound went out for a while. We were able to supply pretty much all of the lines!

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