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How do I connect my DS lite to my password locked internet?

Asked by demonictruth (455points) September 1st, 2010

My dad has a password lock on the internet, but even when he manually enters the password my DS gives me an error message about the internet not being compatible. Is there a way to bypass this or am I just kinda screwed online-wise for my DS?

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It’s my understanding that the DS automatically assumes (and doesn’t allow you to change) that the key used is the first key. In certain devices the key number must be entered or it will not connect. Have your dad log into your router, and change it to using the first key, enter than number, and give it a try.

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The DS lite only works with one type of wireless security, and that is WEP. Most likely your dad has WPA1 or WPA2 security on his wireless internet, which means you cannot use it even if you have the correct password.

If you really want to connect to the internet, you can ask your dad to switch to WEP (which is less secure) or get a DSi, which I believe has compatibility with WPA security.

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okay thank you both for the answers. I will find out more about the DSi and consider upgrading.

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