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"Baby On Board". What would your rear window sticker say?

Asked by rebbel (28358points) September 1st, 2010

We all know, i think, the stickers/emblems on the back of cars that state that there is a baby on board, or that the driver doesn’t brake for animals or that Jesus loves you.
Suppose you own a car, what would you want your sticker to say?

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Watch for slamming of brakes

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“Passengers will time-travel if vehicle accelerates beyond 88 miles per hour.”

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Watch for finger…Horn don’t work!

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“Pass me when you get an opportunity. I don’t drive above the speed limit.”
Hm. That sounds a bit long-winded, I’m not sure people would actually read that.

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Watch out, I do random brake checks

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Go ahead small dick, pass me!!!

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Hot Ass on Board….keep out!

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Right now it says this.

I’d like it to say:

“Jamming on the gas to stomp on the brakes 1 second later in rush hour gridlock hell is inefficient. That’s why my speed is maintained at a constant 10 mph so I never have to brake and do not have to constantly shift gears.”

It’s too long so I’ll go with @ucme‘s .

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Bumper Sticker Hater On Board!

(Why anybody would put a sticker on their car is beyond me. Especially one that preaches religion or politics at the hapless driver behind.)

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I have to say I fuckin hate those “baby on board” stickers. Yeah like i’m going to be extra careful not to crash into you now!?!?

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I don’t suffer from insanity…I enjoy every minute of it!

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My social security number ;)

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“you really don’t know who i am—do you?”

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@Austinlad I put them on there because otherwise, I spend hours trying to find my car every. damn. time. (I have a black sedan, it’s not exactly unique).

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Right now, I have 5:

SAVE WATER – Shower with a friend!
Prose before hos (picture of Shakespeare above text)
WWVC – Who Would Vader Choke
May The F=MxA Be With You
The Meek – They Want It All (picture of the Earth as a globe)

I want to get the following:
Starfleet Academy (the only one to go in the rear window, clear, just like other university stickers)
I brake for Chupacabras
Cake Or Death (graphic to come later)
I Am An Evil Herbivore. I Eat All The Leaves And Put Berries Where No One Will Find Them. (graphic to come)

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Keep honking I’m reloading

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If I had another beater car (thankfully, I junked mine) I’d have something like…

Trust those who seek the truth – Doubt those who have found it
If you’re not atheist, you’re not reading the bible properly

And, just for fun, either this reality bites or the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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“Fire Extinguishers in Trunk and Under Driver’s Seat.”

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@Seek_Kolinahr I do want to get the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I figure almost all the people that get it won’t mind.

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My horn sounds horny.

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I can’t stand stickers on cars, but I’ll play along.

Mine would say You’re not always right; especially not when you disagree with me.

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I had Mean people Suck on my last car

My Mom thought it was sexual.

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If you can read this sticker, BACK THE FUCK UP!

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Bubby on Board

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Fully Grown Adult on Board

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Okay @papayalil, I’ll give you a pass. As long as you promise it’s not a fish.

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@Austinlad I would never have a fish, and not just cuz I’m not a Christian. I think that political bumper stickers are a way of saying “my beliefs are so important to me that I’m ok if you don’t let me into the next lane, ever”. That’s why I also don’t have a Darwin fish. And the cars that are “too pretty” to put a bumper sticker on, but Jesus fish is ok – I don’t get those people.

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Extremely desirable.
I stop for come-ons.

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I’ll stick with the license plate frame I have:

“Too close for missiles. Switching to guns.”

It just seems to fit with all of the skulls on the car (especially the huge one on the hood).

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Baby in trunk.
Dog too.

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” Stop looking Here Idiot – You’ll fcuking crash”

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I’m a BRILLLLLIANT driver, yes I am!

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If you love Jesus Honk,
Text while driving if you want to meet him.

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I brake for Fenders!

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