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Why does my laptop computer keep freezing?

Asked by oxenfree (181points) September 1st, 2010

over the past few days my computer has been freezing up on me. i’ve checked the fans, its all clear of dust. i have done various virus scans and found nothing. is there anything i can do on my computer to help prevent this from happening. i’ve noticed it only does it at around the same time every night. i have an acer mini laptop if that helps with anything, any help would be extremely appreciated, thank you.

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Can you give any other information about the laptop?

Like Ram and processor? Also, what programs are you running when it freezes? Also, what does it do when it freezes? Does it give any error messages or does the screen/mouse just stop functioning so that you you have to manually shut down?

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Just like yoshi said, what exactly happens ? Does it freeze and then come back ? does it freeze completely ? Your ram could be loose or broken if it freezes/jitters and comes back.

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i don’t know much about my computer cause usually my aunt takes care of it when i have problems with it. but i haven’t gotten the chance to talk to her about it. when it freezes everything stops i can’t move my mouse i can’t type anything i just have to sit and wait for about 5 minutes until it comes back, sometimes its fine after that, other times it does it multiple times after that. usually it does it around like 9:15 in the evening. and the only thing i have running is facebook and aim.

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It sounds like your ram. you should make sure it’s mounted correctly and it may be completely defective so you might have to replace it :/

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ok, i’ll have to have my aunt look at it then, she just replaced the fan in mine a month ago. it seems like its always my computer that gets messed up haha

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