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Will you help me come up with a LOL Kitteh caption for this picture?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46622points) September 1st, 2010

It’s a good one! SOME of those pics are so seriously funny because of the combination of the picture and the captions. I need help on this! BTW, no, he’s not daid! He just fell asleep in the middle of playing, like babies do. Anyway, here it is.

LOL Kitteh

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Tuckered out.

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Lets play! Lets play! Zzzzz
Oooh, I foundz a nu way to sleep!
Wut? Itz comfy!

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Dude where’d my string go? Gimme the string gimme the….uh oh snrxx…

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Haha. So freaking cute. I like osmething along the lines of @janedelila

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amazing!! thanks for that! i’m not good at stuff like this but i totally noticed his lil butt first for some reason, so maybe something with that.

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Being cute is just such hard work….yawn Zzzzzzzzz

ucme's avatar

You dozy pussy!!

marinelife's avatar

It’s gonna hurt when he wakes up!

Frenchfry's avatar

Playing hard is hard work makes you pass out.. Soooo Cute.

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I iz doing yoga.

I iz yoga kitteh.

I iz yoga master kitteh.

I sees you flea!

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I vote for @NaturallyMe‘s suggestions.

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Rick came up with a good one….“Parties are a blast, hangovers are hell!” :)

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I can haz broken neck!!

Dutchess_III's avatar

I haz a tired.

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